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Policy 5G.3 Solicitation and Distribution by Non-College Groups and Individuals

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Non-college groups and individuals have the freedom to distribute information and products on outdoor college property that is defined “public” by law. This includes sidewalks along the service roads and outwards through parking lots to streets. “Public” does not include the grounds between college buildings and sidewalks, sidewalks leading to entrances, nor the buildings themselves.

Placement of products or information on vehicles is discouraged. Such action may result in a $50 clean-up services fee (See Procedure 6A.2/11) and issuance of a trespass notice. The trespass notice will be effective for twelve months from the date of notification (See City of Coon Rapids Chapter 7-500 Trespassing). If an individual violates the trespass notice they may be guilty of a misdemeanor and may be subject to a jail term (see City of Coon Rapids City Code 7-506).

For information regarding non-college groups or individuals posting signs or flyers on college bulletin boards, see college Policy 6A.2 Space Management: Signs


04.2005 Adopted and implemented
01.2007 Defined the meaning of “public property” and added information on the City of Coon Rapids City Code 7-500, Trespassing

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