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Chapter 3: Educational Services

Policy 3A.1 Library
Procedure 3A.1/11 - Library
Procedure 3A.1/12 - Audio Visual and Media Services
Policy 3A.2 Software Copyright
Policy 3B.1

Academic Program Improvement
Procedure 3B.1/11 - Academic Program Improvement

Policy 3B.2 Undergraduate Credit Transfer
Procedure 3B.2/11 - Undergraduate Credit Transfer
Policy 3B.3 Adding or Dropping Courses
Procedure 3B.3/11 - Adding, Changing, Dropping, or Suspending Courses
Policy 3B.4 Common Course Outlines
Procedure 3B.4/11 - Common Course Outlines
Policy 3B.5 Academic Standards
Procedure 3B.5/11 - Academic Standards

 Policy 3B.6

Definition of Credit Hour 
 Policy 3B.7 Academic Forgiveness 
Policy 3C.1 Class Size
Policy 3D.1 Continuing Education Units
Policy 3E.1 Admissions
Procedure 3E.1/11 - Admissions
Policy 3F.1

Student Conduct Code
Procedure 3F.1/11 - Student Conduct Code

Policy 3F.2

Complaints and Grievance
Procedure 3F.2/11 - Student Complaints

Policy 3G.1

Class Syllabus
Procedure 3G.1/11 - Class Syllabus

Policy 3H.1 Intellectual Property
Procedure 3H.1/11 Intellectual Property
Policy 3H.2 Reproduction and Use of Copyrighted Materials
Procedure 3H.2/11 Reproduction and Use of Copyrighted Materials
Policy 3I.1

Faculty Credentialing
Procedure 3I.1/11 Faculty Credentialing

Policy 3I.2

Faculty Professional Development Plan
Procedure 3I.2/11 Faculty Professional Development Plans


For Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) policies and procedures, go to http://www.mnscu.edu/board/policy/index.html