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Procedure 1A.7/11 Delegation of Authority

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The President is authorized to delegate authority. Delegation or rescindment of authority is generated by the Business office by completing MnSCU form 016.

Delegation of Authority is specific and customized to each individual, and is determined by position, oversight responsibility, length of service, and other considerations.  The Business Office maintains a guide that may be used as a base line for identifying individuals for such a responsibility and delegation limits. Modifications, increasing or rescinding authority, may be made at any time by the President.

Duly completed form 016 is signed by the employee and the President and forwarded to the Business Office Manager who functions as the recorder and repository for these delegations and confirms audit controls with the System Office.

Delegation of Authority remain in effect until:

  1. The president so chooses to rescind authority.
  2. The authorization is for a defined project.
  3. The college engages the service of a new president.
  4. MnSCU engages the services of a new chancellor. 


06.2004 Updated campus lists and combined them into a single procedure
10.2005 Updated names; added Expense Reports up to $100, TRIO payment authorization, additional personnel for GI Bill Certification, & Tuition Refund for Non-credit Courses; changed First Report of Injury authority, dollar level for business officers & facilities
07.2009 Updated and included Administrative, Student Services and Academic Authority sections
09.2010 Annual update.
09.2011 Annual update.
12.2011 Technical change correcting Amended Sabbatical Plan delegation to President.
01/2015 Aligned. Removed position-by-position designations

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