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Chapter 1: Organization and Administration

Policy 1A.1

Policies and Procedures 
Procedure 1A.1/11 - Policies and Procedures

Policy 1A.2 Organization and Administration
Procedure 1A.2/11 - Organization Chart
Procedure 1A.2/12 - College Units
Procedure 1A.2/13 - Administrative Assignments
Procedure 1A.2/14 - Faculty by Department and Division Under Deans
Policy 1A.3 Organization and Administration: Evening and Saturday Duty
Procedure 1A.3/11 - Evening and Saturday Duty
Policy 1A.4 Communication
Procedure 1A.4/11 - Communication
Procedure 1A.4/12 - Style Sheet
Policy 1A.5 Calendar: Principles for Calendar Development
Policy 1A.6 College Delegation of Authority: Executive Authority in Absence of President
Procedure 1A.6/11 - Executive Authority in Absence of the President
Policy 1A.7 College Delegation of Authority: Fiscal Authority
Procedure 1A.7/11 - Delegation of Fiscal Authority
Policy 1A.8 Approved Professional Organizations
Policy 1A.9 Environmental Health and Safety
Policy 1A.9/01 Environmental Health and Safety--ARCC Drug-Free
Policy 1A.10 Acceptable Use of Technology
Policy 1A.11 Hours: Principles for Development
Procedure 1A.11/11 - Service Hours
Policy 1A.12

Web Publishing
Procedure 1A.12/11 - Web Page Style Guide

Policy 1A.13

Public & Private Information: Record Maintenance and Retention
Procedure 1A.13/11 Record Maintenance and Retention

 Policy 1A.14 Telephone and Fax Usage 
 Policy 1A.15 Social Media 
Policy 1B.0

Reasonable Accommodations in Employment
Procedure 1B.0/11- Reasonable Accommodations in Employment

Policy 1B.1 Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education
Procedure 1B.1/11 - Report/Complaint of Discrimination/Harassment Investigation and Resolution
Procedure 1B.1/12 - Preferred Name
Policy 1B.2 Affirmative Action - ARCC
Procedure 1B.2/11 Affirmative Action - ARCC
Policy 1B.3 Sexual Violence
Procedure 1B.3/11 Sexual Violence
Policy 1B.4

Individuals with Disabilities
Procedure 1B.4/11 - Individuals with Disabilities


For Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) policies and procedures, go to http://www.mnscu.edu/board/policy/index.html