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The ARCC Foundation promotes an awareness and understanding of the College and its educational, cultural and developmental value to the surrounding communities. Foundation volunteers accept donations for scholarships and other enrichment projects not provided through regular college funding.

Since its inception in 1987, the Foundation has raised over $3,500,000 in financial support. This support has provided over 2,665 scholarships ($1,844,000) to area residents. The Foundation has purchased over $543,000 in equipment, and $123,000 has been awarded to faculty members for projects designed to enhance the classroom experience for the student.

Board Members 2015-2016

  • PRESIDENT: Jim Gromberg
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Suzanne Begin
  • TREASURER: Lisa McDaniel
  • SECRETARY: Julie Gotham
  • DIRECTORS: Brian Burandt, Dan Erhart, Dave Halek, John Jung, Jerry Koch , Todd Meester, Susan McPherson, Patrick McVary, Eric Olson, Kristi Riley, Robert Scott
ARCC Ex Officio
  • Kent Hanson, ARCC President    
  • Sandra Kohler, ARCC Faculty Representative
  • Jamie Barthel, Executive Director of PWT & Institutional Advancement

Jamie Barthel

Executive Director of

PWT & Institutional Advancment


Lisa Sisson

Scholarship Coordinator



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Coon Rapids Foundation


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