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Employee Parking

Facility Parking Fees

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) Policy:

The authority for establishing parking fees on MnSCU campuses is granted by Minnesota Statute Section 169.966. M.S. 126 F.67 states that colleges and universities shall develop a policy to charge a parking fee to generate revenue for parking lot construction, maintenance, enforcement, and improvements.  MnSCU Procedures 5.2.1 states that the fee is to be set by the College President; however, the fee paid by staff cannot be less than the fee paid by students.  This fee will remain in effect until modified by the college. 

Collection of Parking Fees:

Fees will be collected through payroll deduction once a semester.  Employees must sign the appropriate approval form.  All communications regarding facility parking fees will be done through email.  New employees will receive the facility parking form in their newly created network drive. 

Parking Fees Per Semester:

  • $52.50 for full-time employee’s (faculty, administrators, and staff).
  • Part-time staff will pay a pro-rated fee.
  • Temporary part-time and adjunct faculty will pay based on $3.50 per credit taught.
  • New employees will have their parking fee pro-rated based on their start date.
  • Employees that are off campus for more than one month will have the fee pro-rated.

All parking appeals will go to the parking committee.