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It is the responsibility of the employee to submit in writing any request for ergonomic accessories and/or an ergonomic analysis of their workspace to their supervisor.


Upon receipt of a written request, the supervisor should consult with the employee to document the problem and explore solutions.  The supervisor should submit in writing any request for ergonomic accommodations to the Human Resources Office.  Upon receipt of the request the Human Resources department will complete and submit an analysis of the employee workstation to the supervisor along with recommendations for accommodations. The supervisor will determine whether to implement any recommendations. All accommodations provided should be documented by the supervisor and submitted to the Human Resources Office.

If, after accommodations have been made, the employee still believes an issue related to ergonomics exists, they can request additional ergonomic analysis by making a request in writing to the Human Resources Department.

Human Resources

Upon receipt of a request for additional ergonomic analysis, at the discretion of the Human Resources Director, a request for a representative from the office of Minnesota Management and Budget may be made to provide additional analysis and recommendations for the workstation.

* All related expenses will be paid from a centralized budget.