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July 2012


Issue No. 2: July 16, 2012                                                          Issue No. 1: July 2, 2012

VOLUME XLI, Issue No. 3: July 30, 2012


Strategic Initiative Proposals: Due Sept. 15

Aligned CIO Search Committee Established

Bowlers from Anoka Tech and Anoka-Ramsey Unite!

Are You Interested in Peace?

Hellos, Goodbyes and Changes in Responsibilities

Pause for Appreciation

College of Choice for Faculty and Staff



News from President Jessica Stumpf

Strategic Initiative Proposals: Due Sept. 15

Please find the SIP form on the public drive: N:\ARCC Public\SIP and submit your proposal no later than Sept. 15.

For applications submitted during FY2013:

Preference will be given to proposals meeting the following criteria:

  1. Specifically addresses student engagement and student success
  2. Collaborative (intra-departmental, cross-discipline, cross-campus collaboration, etc.)
  3. Includes full-time and part-time faculty



  1. Cross-disciplinary faculty corps to welcome new students during orientation and registration or meet with prospective students visiting campus.
  2. Contact prospective students by phone or by email about subject or interest area.
  3. Participate in high school visits/conduct presentations in high schools.
  4. Development of discipline-specific repository of classroom activities focused on career pathways. (i.e.: What can I do with a major in economics? What transferable skills do I develop through taking mathematics?)
  5. Development of discipline-specific repository of information focused on 4-year university transfer options for majoring in discipline.
  6. Work with student services to develop and execute queries needed to facilitate departmental student communication.

Fall Timeline:

Sept. 15, 2012: Supervisors or deans submit signed proposals to the SIP committee facilitator.

Sept. to Oct. 2012: SIP committee evaluates, scores, and makes recommendations to the president.

Nov. 2012: Awards are announced.

Dec. 2012: Project funds are released.

Dec. 2012 to Dec. 2013: Projects are conducted, tracked and completed.

Dec. 2013: Final project reports are due to the SIP Committee Facilitator.

As a reminder, due to recent changes in the SIP process, those submitting SIPs may not serve on the SIP committee.


Aligned CIO Search Committee Established

I am pleased to announce the following individuals who will represent their constituent group on the aligned Chief Information Officer Search Committee:

Constituent Group
Anoka Tech
Coon Rapids
Jim Bohler
  Kyle Johnson
Kelly Charpentier-Berg
Karen Bronshteyn,
Dian Ostrander
  Andy Aspaas
Kelly Befus
Jim Clark
  Kim Lynch
Pat LeHew
  Gary Olson
Kimberly Roan
  Tim Zondlo
Mary Allenson
  Tina Venneman
Marilyn Smith

Thank you to those who volunteered, or were nominated, to serve the college in this capacity!  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the committee, please contact the committee chair, Marilyn Smith, at marilyn.smith@anokaramsey.edu or msmith@anokatech.edu; 763-576-4799, (ATC) or 763-433-1306 (ARCC).



Bowlers from Anoka Tech and Anoka-Ramsey Unite!

Bowling season has finally arrived.  Anoka Technical College and School District #11 teachers/staff will again be bowling at Classic Bowl in Coon Rapids. This year faculty and staff from Anoka Ramsey are invited to join us! Teams consist of three bowlers. This is a non-sanctioned league.

The season begins Wednesday, Oct. 3. The time frame is 4:15 to 6 p.m.  Bowling continues 20 weeks, ending in March (see below for tentative 2012-13 season dates). Please contact Cathy Bishop at Anoka Tech at (576-4979) with any questions or to reserve a spot on a team.  Whether you are a pro or novice, please consider joining!


Are You Interested in Peace?

Submitted by Marcellus Davis, Diversity & Multiculturalism

When: Monday, July 30

Time: 10 to 11:30 a.m. and 2 to 3:30 p.m.

Where: Riverview Room, Coon Rapids Campus



Hellos, Goodbyes and Changes in Responsibilities

Submitted by Jamie Barthel, Professional Workforce Training Center

I am excited to introduce Jon Olson, our new customized training representative in the Professional and Workforce Training (PWT) department. Many of you may recognize his name. Jon has been in the MnSCU system for more than 20 years. He has worked at Riverland, Anoka Tech, Hennepin and Century before he took on this new role in the PWT.

Jon’s new role is very unique as he is the first joint employee of the newly merged PWT department. He will be working with Anoka-Ramsey Medical Device/Bio Medial clients and also Anoka Tech manufacturing clients. He is excited to take on this new role as he has a background in both areas.

We are excited to have Jon on our staff and using his extensive background to help the businesses in our community.


Submitted by Dana Irgens, Educational Services

I am happy to announce our new full-time Art (Photography and Digital Media) faculty, Anthony Marchetti

Anthony has been employed with Anoka-Ramsey, teaching art part-time at the Coon Rapids Campus since 2006. He has approximately 10 years teaching experience in higher education, as well as an outstanding art exhibition record.  Anthony earned a bachelor of arts degree in Art from Gustavus Adolphus College and his master in fine arts degree in Photography from the University of Minnesota.

In addition to teaching for Anoka-Ramsey, Anthony has taught for the University of Minnesota as well as the Art Institute International (AI) in Minneapolis. As a full-time faculty member at AI, he participated in various committees focusing on curriculum, assessment, art and “writing across the curriculum.” 

As a working artist, Anthony has been awarded the McKnight Photography Fellowship, Minnesota State Arts Board grant, and has been a finalist for the Bush Artist Fellowship (on more than one occasion).  He has exhibited his work in a variety of cities throughout the world, including Tijuana, Mexico, Balatonfured, Hungary, as well as the Weisman Art Museum, Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts and many other local venues.

Please assist me in welcoming Anthony Marchetti to Anoka-Ramsey Community College. 


Submitted by Dana Irgens, Educational Services

I am pleased to announce our new full-time Art (Glassblowing) faculty, Rick Schneider.

Rick comes to us with more than 13 years teaching experience in higher education, as well as a lengthy art exhibition record.  Rick earned a bachelor of arts degree in History from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and a master in fine arts degree from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.   

Most recently, Rick led his department as the head glass instructor at Belmont Arts Center in Pensacolo, Florida.  He also taught Glass at the University of South Alabama, Salisbury University and the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  

Rick is the recipient of numerous awards, grants, scholarships, and residencies.  He received scholarships from Pittsburgh Glass Center as well as the Peninsula Glass Guild, which allowed him to take coursework at the Corning Museum of Glass.  He was also the recipient of the Contemporary Glass Philadelphia Artist Grant and recently completed a two-week residency at the University of Madison, Wisconsin.

Rick has a lengthy exhibition record, showing at the 16th Space International Print Biennial in Seoul, Korea, and KIAWA # 6 Exhibition in Kyoto, Japan.  Locally, he has exhibited and juried shows at numerous museums and galleries throughout the United States.

Please assist me in welcoming Rick Schneider, Art (Glass) faculty, to Anoka-Ramsey Community College!


Submitted by Dana Irgens, Educational Services

I am pleased to announce our new full-time Communication Studies faculty, Heidi Croatt

Heidi has been teaching in the MnSCU System since 2010; she has taught various Communication Studies courses at Century, Minneapolis Community and Technical College and Metropolitan State University.  She has also been working as a graduate teaching assisting in the Communications Studies Department at the University of Minnesota since 2007. 

Heidi received a bachelor of science degree in Speech Communication from Minnesota State University, Mankato and a master of arts degree in Speech Communication from Southern Illinois University. She is currently in the midst of completing her Ph.D. in Communication Studies from the University of Minnesota.

Heidi has led and participated in a number of professional conferences.  Recently, she facilitated a panel discussion at the Central States Communication Association Conventions in Milwaukee.  The presentation was entitled, “I’d Like to Help You But I’m Not Sure How: Figuring out the Ropes as an Adjunct Faculty Member.” 

In addition, she has researched and presented on the topic of Parent-child sexual communication, examining topics, emotions and comfort level of parents vs. adults. Heidi has been invited to present to students at both the University of Minnesota and Southern Illinois University.  As a guest presenter, she has presented her research on sexual communication within the family. As Interpersonal Communication is another research interest, she has also delivered guest lectures on effective listening in interpersonal communication to Speech Communication majors.

Heidi has been involved on the campus-level at MCTC, as an active member of the Department Assessment Committee.  She was also co-founder and co-faculty advisor of the Sigma Chi Eta (Communication Studies Student Honor Society).

Please assist me in welcoming Heidi Croatt, full-time Communication Studies faculty, to Anoka-Ramsey Community College! 

 Heidi will officially begin in this position at the start of spring semester 2013.


Submitted by Dana Irgens, Educational Services

I am pleased to announce our new full-time Music faculty, Geoff Senn

Geoff has been teaching music, part-time, on the Coon Rapids campus since 2009. In addition to teaching Jazz History, Music Appreciation and Rock and Roll History, Geoff is our trumpet instructor, providing lessons to associate in fine arts (AFA) and non-associate in fine arts music students.  He has also directed the Chamber Ensemble student group. 

 In addition to teaching for Anoka-Ramsey, Geoff is a free-lance trumpet player, composer and educator in the Twin Cities area.  He has owned and operated g.west studio, in Minneapolis, where he teaches trumpet/brass fundamentals as well as jazz improvisation to students of all ages, ranging from beginner to advanced.

Geoff also stays busy with his active performing schedule.  A few of the groups he performs with include The g.west Quartet, Belagala Big Band, Cedar Avenue Big Band, Gene Krupa Orchestra and the Power of 10. 

Geoff received his master of Music degree in Instrumental Jazz Performance from the University of Miami, Florida and a bachelor of music degree from the University of Minnesota - Duluth.

Geoff has been an active participant of the Anoka-Ramsey Music Division, serving as the Technology Advisory committee (TAC) representative and participating in building/planning meetings for the “soon-to-be” remodeled Music Building. In addition, Geoff led two of our very own AFA Music students as they provided the music and entertainment at this year’s MnSCU Board of Trustee’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Luncheon and Ceremony.

Please assist me in welcoming Geoff Senn, full-time Music Faculty, to Anoka-Ramsey Community College!



Pause for Appreciation

Dear friends:

Thank you all so much for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers in the loss of my father.

Also thanks for the memorial money the sunshine committee sent to St Paul's Lutheran Church in memory of my Dad.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks.

- Lisa Everts, Wellness Department, Cambridge


Message to Steven Beste:


You are probably not likely to remember me, I was *** back in the late 1990's when I took a class or two from you.  Classes were still in the old pole barn style buildings at the Cambridge Campus, and we were a motley crew of students to say the least.  I think I was pregnant during one semester of classes, so I was likely to have written some emotionally distraught papers. Forgive me for that.  You asked permission to use one of my papers as an example for other classes, and it gave me wings I never knew I had.

 I wanted to thank you for being the most amazing teacher I have ever experienced.  I still carry with me lessons that I learned in your class.  More than anything, I carry with me a love of language, a love or writing, and an unquenchable thirst for reading that was sparked in your classes.  I will never forget My Antonia.  I became her sister, her child, her friend, and felt a kinship that I've never felt with another ink and paper life.  I keep a dog-eared copy that I look forward to rereading every year, always finding something new and taking away more than the precious time I've spent reading it will ever cost.  It is my Zen, and my love for Willa Cather has grown throughout the years.

For these things, I thank you, but beyond that, I thank you on behalf of a dear Nebraskan friend.  I sent her a copy of My Antonia while I was taking your Literature class, surprised that she had never read it.  One would think that if you are breathing the same prairie air, you'd be forced to read a local author in school.  My friend devoured the book and it created a fire in her as well, so much so that she went back to college and got a master’s degree in some sort of prairie literature and ecology.  She recently wrote me a letter, thanking me for sending her that first copy of My Antonia, and told me she was just hired as the educational director of the Willa Cather Foundation in Red Cloud.  I'm passing those thanks on to you, because without your class, I would have never sent her that book, and we both would have missed out on something I consider to be a pivotal moment in my life as does my dear friend.  So thank you for teaching, and sharing the love.  Thank you for giving me Willa Cather (and many other authors although I still have a distaste for Hemingway *smile*), the lessons I have learned from her have amassed a great place in my heart, and I'm not sure who I would have been without you as a teacher to guide me to her.

With Gratitude,

- Your former student (Names removed)


My granddaughter took a class at Kid U this week and as I would bring her in and pick her up, I observed the staff at work. They all did a really great job of keeping track of the kids and helping us adults. They were very aware of who was coming and going and, I am sad to have to admit that in this day and age that is very important.

I said thank you to each of them that I saw today, and would ask you to share my thank you with all of them – just to be sure I did not miss anyone.


Many thanks to the H2P (Health Professions Pathways) Operation Team for their contributions to a successful National Site Visit held on Monday, July 23 and Tuesday, July 24!  With assistance from Jan Pomeroy, H2P Retention Coach, Tabitha Elstad, Interim H2P Data Manager, Heidi Vidor, LeAnn Snidarich, Laura Cleveland, Sandy Kohler, Natasha Baer, Dee Dee Peaslee, and faculty and staff who have participated on this grant project. Thank you all for your efforts to produce a highly-skilled healthcare workforce and galvanize a national movement to dramatically redesign and enhance health professions education and training through national curricular reform, industry engagement, innovative practices and programs, and intensive usage of data and accountability systems to ensure student success and program excellence!!

- Robin Robatcek, H2P (Health Professions Pathways) Project Director


College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Faculty Development and Media/Membership Approvals

Paul David Anderson, books:

Haymakers: A Chronicle of Five Farm Families $11.49

Minnesota’s Twentieth Century: Stories of Extraordinary Everyday People $5.59

America in the Sixties – Right, Left, and Center: A Documentary History, Levy $6.04

Speaking Out: Activism and Protest in the 1960’s and 1970’s, Thompson $23.99

School Choice: The Struggle for the Soul of American Education $4.15

Politics, Markets, and America’s Schools, Chubb and Moe $4.98

Who Chooses? Who Loses?: Culture, Institutions, and the Unequal Effects of School Choice $9.12

The Dakota or Sioux in Minnesota as They Were in 1984, Pond and Anderson $10.74


Sunshine Committee

A memorial was sent in memory of Lisa Everts’ father

Social Amenities

A card was sent to Collette Nwangwu


VOLUME XLI, Issue No. 2: July 16, 2012

First Aligned Search Committee for the Chief Information Officer Position

Fall 2012 Mass Mailer

Staff Contributes Chapter to Tutoring Handbook

Upward Bound Open House

Recent Scholarship Recipient Received Leadership Award

Tutoring Services

Laura Migliorino Showing at Weisman

Star Alert Emergency Notification Campaign for Employees and Students

Hellos, Goodbyes and Changes in Responsibilities

Pause for Appreciation

College of Choice for Faculty and Staff


News from President Jessica Stumpf

First Aligned Search Committee for the Chief Information Officer Position

Anoka Technical College and Anoka-Ramsey Community College are currently seeking volunteers to serve on the first aligned search committee for the aligned position of Chief Information Officer (see attached memo).  Please contact your constituent head in order to express interest in serving on this committee.



Fall 2012 Mass Mailer

Submitted by Tina Perpich, Marketing and Public Relations Department

Happy Recruitment Season, Education Advocates! The fall 2012 mass mailer began to hit mailboxes Monday, July 9, 2012. This push to market the college and recruit new students mails to 316,000 households in the college service area and is delivered to area libraries, chambers, work centers, etc. The publication breaks out the college’s buffet of academic offerings and value-added services such as student resources and life outside the classroom. Prospects are driven to a single landing a page www.AnokaRamsey.edu/Success, to call, and to send the hard copy “Ready for More” request by mail to allow us to track the response to the publication.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call at x1545 or via email at tina.perpich@anokaramsey.edu.


Staff Contributes Chapter to Tutoring Handbook

Submitted by Jan Pomeroy, Educational Services

The recently released “Handbook for Training Peer Tutors and Mentors” by Karen Agee and Russ Hodges includes a chapter, titled Tutor Training Day Camp and Beyond, written by Darla McCann and Jan Pomeroy.

Darla and Jan previously served Anoka-Ramsey as the Directors of the Academic Support Center (ASC) at the Cambridge and Coon Rapids campuses prior to assuming their current roles at the college.  During their ASC service both centers received CRLA certification.

The handbook is designed to address the needs of both the CRLA’s certification initiatives, International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC) and the International Mentor Training Program Certification (IMTPC). The articles of CRLA’s earlier tutor training handbooks were written for trainers but often shared with tutors. This new handbook also is written for trainers to guide their professional practice.





Upward Bound Open House

Submitted by Lisa Dornacker, TRiO 

 Come see what all of our Upward Bound students have been doing all summer!


Thursday, July 19 from 10 a.m. to 12 noon in the Legacy Room

This year we will have:

Student “Vision Boards” (as seen on Oprah!)
UB Student College Fair
Displays from our Forensic Science Class
Research Projects on Memphis Musicians

And much more!

There will be goodies and refreshments. Last year the students broke out into an impromptu Talent Show! Come check it out!

Thanks in advance from the TRiO/Upward Bound-Coon Rapids staff & students!


Recent Scholarship Recipient Received Leadership Award

Submitted by Michael Wall, Institutional Advancement

The Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA) Scholarship Board has announced the recipients of the fall 2012 MSCSA Leadership Scholarship.

  Jamie Medas, Anoka Ramsey Community College, was among seven students attending Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) throughout the state who were awarded the merit-based scholarship as recognition of their exemplary community and campus leadership in addition to maintaining a superb grade-point throughout their academic career.

Medas will receive $650 toward her tuition for the fall 2012 semester.

More information about the MSCSA Leadership Scholarship, including application materials and deadlines is available at www.mscsa.org/scholarship.

MSCSA represents students attending the state’s two-year technical, community and comprehensive colleges on 47 campuses advocating for more than 100,000 students across the state.





Tutoring Services

Submitted by Brandy Eddings, Academic Support, Veterans Services & Disability Services

I want to remind everyone about our tutoring services this summer.

Our tutoring centers are in full swing this summer. However, with the end of summer session in sight, our peer tutoring services will also be ending soon. Please see the schedule below:

  • Math Skills & Advising Center, Coon Rapids Campus, last day of peer tutoring: July 19  
  • Academic Support Center, Cambridge Campus, last day of peer tutoring: July 31
  • Academic Support Center, Coon Rapids Campus, last day of peer tutoring: Aug. 2

Fall tutoring services will resume Aug. 27.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email or at x1619.


Laura Migliorino Showing at Weisman

Submitted by Erick Wiger, Art Department

Congratulations to Laura Migliorino, photography faculty member, for her inclusion in the Weisman Gallery show "Tenuous, Though Real: Minnesota Artists in the Collection" that remains open through Sept. 16. Laura was also mentioned in the current City Pages "A" list.

Link to more about the show: www.voiceplaces.com/tenuous-though-real-minnesota-artists-in-the-collection-minneapolis-st-paul-2469629-e/


Star Alert Emergency Notification Campaign for Employees and Students

Submitted by Orrin Nyhus, Public Safety

This August the Safety and Security Committee and the Marketing Department will kick off a nine-month Star Alert emergency notification campaign. The campaign is intended to educate students, staff and faculty about Star Alert and urge everyone to sign up to receive emergency notifications via text messages, voicemail and or e-mail.

The campaign will consist of using Social Media and the Web site as well as brochures/handouts, posters, table tents and announcements on the monitors. 

What is Star Alert?

Star Alert is a mass communications system that will be used to send timely emergency messages to students, staff and faculty via text messages, voicemail and/or e-mail.  The system complements other forms of emergency notifications systems such as sirens, flashing lights, public announcements and other means of communications such as the Web site and social media. Star Alert will only be used to in situations that threaten the safety of students, staff and faculty.

Sign up today!

Signing up for Star Alert messages is voluntary and participants can opt out of the service at any time. Students, staff and faculty must sign up on the Web site. If you haven’t already signed up for Star Alert, sign up today at:

Star Alert Sign Up 

Hellos, Goodbyes and Changes in Responsibilities

Dear Colleagues:

As my position has been eliminated, it is with mixed sadness and pleasure to announce I will be laid-off as of 4 p.m. tomorrow, July 17.  It is with great excitement that I share my good news…On July 18th, I will begin my new position as Management Analyst 2 at St. Cloud State University.  The leadership is enthusiastic and energetic, and I look forward to working in such a positive environment. 

I have enjoyed my 15 years at Anoka-Ramsey. It has been rewarding to meet and work with many of you over the years; thank you for some very good memories. 

Best wishes!

-Jill [Snippen] 



Pause for Appreciation

Just wanted to let you know how I appreciate the help that Rae [Claveau] has been doing for us in records.  There are a lot of eApps that she has sorted through making it a little easier for the Records office to complete the scanning process.  Thanks so much Rae for all your hard work.  We all appreciate your help.

Brenda Smith, Records/Registration


Dear Anoka-Ramsey Team,

It has been a very rewarding experience at Anoka-Ramsey learning and growing with all of you over the last year. I am writing to let you know that I accepted a job offer at St Cloud State University (my alma mater). My last day at Anoka-Ramsey is Tuesday, July 24. Thank you so much for the support, willingness to work as a team across departments and problem solve and for the relationships that were developed. I enjoyed working with each and every one of you. I will take with me every bit of my experience here as I start my next journey.

Sarah Nelson, Academic Advising/Career Services


College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Staff Development Funds Approvals:

Julie Beedle, course textbooks and fees, $231.24


Social Amenities:

A plant was sent to Jennifer Semans
A card was sent to Janine Goenner



VOLUME XLI, Issue No. 1: July 2, 2012

MnSCU Trustees Visit Campuses

Coon Rapids Campus Summer Yoga Announcements

Health & Wellness Center Opening October 2012

A New Position at UMD for Mike Seymour

Liberty-Clark, Peaslee Presented On Course to Board of Trustees

Creative Writing Student Gets Published

Eye Protection Requirement Review

College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Official Announcements

News from President Jessica Stumpf

MnSCU Trustees Visit Campuses

Two trustees, Cheryl Dickson and Louise Sundin, from the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board visited Anoka-Ramsey campuses the week of June 25. The visit was part of an initiative by the Board of Trustees to gain a broader understanding of the system’s colleges and universities.

Trustee Dickson visited the Coon Rapids Campus, June 27 and took the opportunity to tour current construction projects, visit Dierk Hofreiter’s Physics class and Patty Pieper’s Chemistry class and discuss the alignment with Anoka Technical College.

Trustee Sundin visited the Cambridge Campus, June 29 to tour the campus, visit Daryl Lindstrom’s Upward Bound Chemistry class and check out the pennycress biodiesel crop with Steve Jones and Melanie Waite-Altringer.

Thank you to Steve, Melanie, Ashley Weatherspoon and Maria Barlage for providing the tours, Patty, Dierk and Daryl for allowing us to visit your classrooms and President’s Cabinet members for participating in the event. I also appreciate the time that Coon Rapids student government president, Kelly Charpentier-Berg took with Trustee Dickson!

Trustee Cheryl Dickson (pink shirt) visited a chemistry classroom
to listen to student presentations at the Coon Rapids Campus
during her June 27 visit.
Trustee Dickson visits with Coon Rapids student
government president, Kelly Charpentier-Berg.
Trustee Louise Sundin visited a chemistry
class at the Cambridge campus.



Coon Rapids Campus Summer Yoga Announcements

Submitted by Joyce Traczyk, Student Activities



There will be no Yoga on Tuesday, July 3. It will resume again on Tuesday, July 10.

Our numbers are very low.  Please come to assure we will be able to continue with Summer Yoga!!


Health & Wellness Center Opening October 2012

Submitted by Lisa Boxwell, Athletic Department

We look forward to welcoming you to the new Health and Wellness Center in early October!

The Health and Wellness Center will provide an excellent first impression of the campus and everything Anoka-Ramsey Community College has to offer by increasing exposure of the college through promotion and usage.

Currently there is no other sports facility in the area that offers the opportunities of the new Health and Wellness Center. The new facility will provide:

  • 5,000 square foot fitness center
  • Three full sized volleyball courts
  • Three full sized basketball courts, including 24 baskets with adjustable heights of 8’-10’
  • Walking Track
  • Mezzanine (Cardio Machine & Weights)
  • Fitness Studio (Dance, yoga, karate, and other small fitness class offerings)
  • Batting Cages
  • Classroom Space
  • Meeting Space
  • Six locker rooms

A variety of groups will have the opportunity to use the facility including but not limited to:

  • HPER Departments
  • Athletics and Intramural Departments
  • Students, faculty, and staff from the Coon Rapids Campus, Cambridge Campus, and Anoka Technical College
  • Community Groups
  • Area athletic teams

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Boxwell at lisa.boxwell@anokaramsey.edu or at Ext. 1289.


A New Position at UMD for Mike Seymour

An article from the June 22 Coon Rapids Herald.

Seymour is named vice chancellor at UMD


Liberty-Clark, Peaslee Presented On Course to Board of Trustees

Anoka-Ramsey was invited to present to the Board of Trustees about "On Course.” Faculty Jennifer Liberty-Clark and Vice President Deidra Peaslee presented the process of incorporating On Course into course curriculum its use by work teams (i.e. President's Council) at the campuses. Jennifer and Deidra also spoke about the progress toward implementation of On Course as part of the First-Year Experience course, beginning Spring 2013.


Creative Writing Student Gets Published

Submitted by Kathryn Kysar, English Department

Joshua Chase, a student in the college associate in arts with an emphasis in Creative Writing program, has published a chapbook titled The Riot Act with a chapbook publisher in New Hampshire. The chapbook includes several poems published in the Coon Rapids Campus annual literary book, Rapids Review.

Below is a link to purchase the chapbook. We are very proud!

The Riot Act by Joshua Chase


Eye Protection Requirement Review

Submitted by Orrin Nyhus, Public Safety

Please review the reminder regarding the eye protection requirement from the MnSCU General Safety Council.


College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Faculty Memberships/Media Approvals:

Jennifer Braido, books, $116.09
Leda Holder, MN Health Educators Conference, $541.13
Elizabeth DiFabio, Annual Health Educator Conference, $382
Rita Newton, Strengthening Ties with sister college, $1,474
Dierk Hofreiter, Sigma XI membership, $97
Donna Stoderl, Med-Surg Certification Exam Prep, $250
Jennifer Liberty-Clark, On Course II Conference, $1,620


Staff Development Funds Approvals:

Jan Pomeroy, MN eLearning Summit 2012, $200
Robin Robatcek, Project Mgmt & Masters Certification, $300


Official Announcements

Submitted by Kelsey Schwarzrock, President’s Office

The following proposals will be finalized Wednesday, July 11.  These technical changes were made in compliance with MnSCU policy.

3E.1 Admission 

2C.1 Satisfactory Academic Progress

The proposals can also be found on the Policy and Procedure Comment Page at https://www.anokaramsey.edu/about/policies/comments/ until July 11, 2012.


Submitted by Val Knight, Educational Services

Click here to view AASC items moved to action for May, 2012.