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June 2010

Volume XXXVII, No. 40: June 7, 2010

Thoughts from Pat Johns

 Realignment of College Services

Official Announcements

Academic Affairs and Standards Council

College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Pause for Appreciation


Thoughts from Pat Johns

Changing Leadership

Thank you all for your well wishes over the past few weeks, and at my farewell reception last night. You all have been so kind during this transition time, and I greatly appreciate working with so many fantastic people at Anoka-Ramsey over the years. My last day will be June 30.

The Chancellor’s office is considering who to appoint as Interim President. There is no word on who that may be but with the Board of Trustees meeting on June 15, we hope to hear by that date or sooner. We will keep you apprised of any new information via email, the college bulletin and the news area of the Web site.

 Brad Wold Presenting College Gift

Faculty member, Brad Wold, presents President Patrick Johns a leather briefcase on behalf of the college at "A Farewell to Remember," Monday, June 7, 2010.


Difficult Budget Times; Strong, Creative Employees

As we are all aware the state of Minnesota is in a fiscal crisis and all of us at Anoka-Ramsey Community College must make adjustments in order to curtail costs, while continuing to meet the needs of increasing numbers of students. Several adjustments have taken place in spring semester and more are in progress. Several areas have restructured staffing by accepting additional or changed roles/responsibilities. As employees leave due to retirement or for other job opportunities, many are not being replaced and the workload is being changed or spread out amongst those who remain. Cross training staff is another strategy being employed in order to cover more areas with fewer people.

I want to personally thank department staff who have been willing and have offered ideas to make the tough, necessary changes that will help to avoid layoffs and sustain the college. The administrators and staff in these areas have graciously accepted difficult challenges that come with restructuring. Their continued motivation and creativity is commendable!


Realignment of College Services

Please note that recent retirements have made it necessary to adjust responsibility for the college's Switchboard and Information areas.  Melissa Schultz has taken on the responsibility of the Information Desks at both campuses and Jill Snippen has taken on the responsibility of the College Switchboard.  Mary Jacobson continues to have responsibility for the Call Center.  Please direct any inquiries accordingly.


Congratulations, Nancy Elk

Congratulations to Nancy Elk for being acknowledged as a reviewer for the Ninth Edition of the book entitled, “THE CAREER FITNESS PROGRAM:  Exercising your Options” by Diane Sukiennik, William Bendat and Lisa Raufman. Nancy suggested some activities that she conducts in her classes were incorporated into the book by the authors. Again, congratulations to Nancy for passing on some of her “best practices!!”


Congratulations, Jill Gromberg

Congratulations to Jill Gromberg on being the winner of this year’s Honored Faculty Member Award for the Coon Rapids Campus.  Jill won the run-off vote we held over the past week.  She will receive a plaque and honorarium from the Coon Rapids MSCF chapter during the fall faculty development days. 


Official Announcements

Items approved by AASC and Pat Johns for May 2010, moved to action:

  • ENGL 2271:  Intro to writing for children and young adults,  Add a new course.,  E-05-FY10
  • AA with an Emphasis in Creative Writing,  Change a program,  ES-12-FY10


Academic Affairs and Standards Council

May 7, 2010

Email meeting


Members: Tamara Arnott, Jim Biederman, Gary Cook, Sandy DeMontille (alternate), Jennifer Friestad, Rosemary Hoolihan, Bruce Homann, Dana Irgens, Mary Januschka, Luanne Kane (alternate), Kristen Klamm-Doneen, Kim Lynch, Nora Morris (alternate), Deidra Peaslee, Patty Pieper, Joe Schoen, Mike Seymour (alternate), Deb Shepherd (alternate), Karl Wielgus

I. April 16, 2010 Minutes were approved electronically

II. New Proposals

  • ENGL 2271Intro to writing for children and young adults—Add a new course. E-05-FY10 To add a course that focuses directly on the craft and art of writing literature geared for children and young adult audiencesRationale: Since Harry Potter, both the market for and the study of literature for children and young adults has exploded in this country.  A course that engages Anoka-Ramsey students with the material they have consumed, and will likely write, puts our program at the forefront of a national movement in scholarship and artistic instruction. APPROVED.
  • AA with an Emphasis in Creative WritingChange a program ES-12-FY10 64 degree credits to 60, per MnSCU policy  Rationale: MnSCU policy. APPROVED.


College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Staff Development Funds Approvals

  • Joyce Traczyk, 6/17/2010, Summer Leadership Institute for Women in Higher Education, $250

Wellness Fund Approvals

  • Lisa Boxwell-$100
  • Gena Carlson-$100
  • Diane DenBeste-$100
  • Pamela Fauskee-$100
  • Stephen Jones-$100
  • Shannon Kirkeide-$80
  • Al Mamaril-$100
  • Crystal Nelson-$100
  • Michelle Rogers-$100
  • Scott Stankey-$98.29


Pause for Appreciation

Thank you for the incredible assistance at the Young Authors event. Jill Snippen, Ed Norton and all the other Anoka-Ramsey Community College folks were so kind in helping us. The day was a fabulous success. We are still working our way through the 700+ evaluations but from first glance, the students loved being on your campus, were inspired by their time spent with talented authors, and hope to be back again in 2011!

I hope you enjoy your "quieter" days this spring and going into the summer. I will look forward to working with you again next year.

All the best,

Gina Jacobson


Volume XXXVII, No. 41: June 21, 2010

Thoughts from Pat Johns

 Stumpf Welcomed as Interim President

College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Thoughts from Pat Johns

Last Few Days at Anoka-Ramsey Community College

This summer marks 22 years for me at Anoka-Ramsey Community College. I must say that Anoka-Ramsey has been a great place to be, and the community has been a good one to raise my family.

My last day is June 30, 2010. In 1983 I was asked what college I would work at if I had a choice. My answer was Anoka-Ramsey. How fortunate I have been to spend most of my career here!

I want to thank the group members who planned my going away event: Mary Jacobson, Dawn Bushman, Kally Kruchten, Kelsey Schwarzrock, Evelyn Gedde, Simon Whitney and Skip Robinson. Also, I want to thank the speakers that evening: Mary Jacobson, Cindy Nutter, Mike Seymour, Chancellor McCormick, Gene Merriam, Brad Wold and Luanne Kane.

Finally, I want to thank everyone at Anoka-Ramsey, the community members we serve, Chancellor McCormick and his staff in the Office of the Chancellor, and the Board of Trustees for your support over the many years that I have been here. All the people associated with the college over the years have made my job the best in the system.  The people of an organization and those associated with it are what make Anoka-Ramsey a great place to work.

Now, I leave knowing that the college is in good hands with Interim President Dr. Jessica Stumpf and the experienced and exceptional administrative team who work very hard and is committed to the future of Anoka-Ramsey!

Thank you all for allowing me the privilege of working with you!!




Stumpf Welcomed as Interim President

Anoka-Ramsey Community College formally welcomed Dr. Jessica Stumpf as interim president June 17.  The event was well-attended by college students, staff and administration as well as State Representatives Jim Abeler and Jerry Newton, Anoka County Commissioner Dan Erhart and Anoka-Hennepin School District Superintendent Dennis Carlson.

“We appoint an interim whose tenure is six months to one year,” said Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system (MnSCU) Chancellor, James McCormick.  “This gives us time to conduct an appropriate search and consultation, before a new president is appointed.  She [Stumpf] is not just a caretaker.  She will have full authority to take actions to shape the future of the college.”

Stumpf officially takes office at Anoka-Ramsey July 1, the same day that outgoing college president, Dr. Patrick M. Johns, begins his new appointment as president of Lake Superior College in Duluth, Minn.

“I’ve heard nothing but great things about Anoka-Ramsey, and I’m thrilled to be here,” Stumpf said.  “I’m not here to change anything.  My job is to support.  I will listen.  I will ask questions.  When immediate decisions need to be made, I will make them, but it will not be simply my decision – it will be our decision.”

While serving as interim president, Stumpf will be on leave from her current position as Vice President of Academic Affairs at Minnesota State College – Southeast Technical.  Prior to Southeast Technical, she served as dean of business at Hennepin Technical College; dean of transportation, coordinator of customized training, coordinator of enrollment and marketing and business instructor at Dakota County Technical College; and as a business instructor at Century College.

Stumpf holds an associate degree from St. Cloud State University, a bachelor’s degree in Business Education from Buena Vista University, a master’s degree in Business Administration from Metropolitan State University and a doctorate in Educational Policy and Administration from the University of Minnesota.

At the welcoming event June 17, Interim President Dr. Jessica Stumpf mingled with Anoka-Ramsey staff, faculty and students at each campus.  


Interim President Presentation at Coon Rapids Campus

Interim president Dr. Jessica Stumpf shown here with Dean of Educational Services Luanne Kane at the Coon Rapids Campus.


Interim President Presentation at Cambridge Campus

Interim president Dr. Jessica Stumpf shown here with Chief Academic Officer, DeeDee Peaslee at the Cambridge Campus.

College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Faculty Development Fund Approvals

  • Bonnie Boese, 5/14/2010, Sabbatical Project Printing Costs, $1,000

  • Sandy De Montille, 6/4/2010, i-Clicker Conference, $1,032

  • Jill Gromberg, 7/11-15/2010, D2L Fusion Conference, $910

  • Mark Lambert, 5/24-6/4/2010, Anagama Kiln Firing Workshop 2010, $1,075

  • Steven R. Lane, 5/18-20/2010, On Course 3-Day Training Seminar, $200

  • Rita Newton, 6/17/2010, Summer Leadership Institute for Women in Higher Education, $250

  • Fang-Yi Shen, 7/12-8/6/2010, Atlantic Music Festival, $765

  • Jennifer Willcutt, 4/23-24/2010, International Dyslexia Association – Upper Midwest Branch Annual Conference, $273

Staff Development Fund Approvals

  • Tracy Conklin, Spring Semester 2010, Tuition and Books, $600

  • Kally Kruchten, Spring Semester 2010, Tuition and Books, $600

  • Pa Lee-Xiong, Spring Semester 2010, Tuition, $38.88

  • Celena Monn, Spring Semester 2010, Tuition, $300

  • Darin Nelson, Spring Semester 2010, Books and Fees, $251.43

  • Kathleen Vieau, Spring Semester 2010, Books and Fees, $42.50

  • Simon Whitney, Spring Semester 2010, Tuition, $600

Wellness Fund Approvals

  • Angie Anderson, $100

  • Elvira Martin, $61.08

  • Deidra Peaslee, $100

  • Heidi Vidor, $100

Social Amenities

  • A card and plant were sent to Celina Byers.

Sunshine Committee

  • A card was sent to Jaime Boretski.

  • A card and gift card were sent to Darrell Kinkel.

  • A card and gift card were sent to Brenda Meyer.