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August 2009

Issue No. 3: Aug. 3, 2009 Issue No. 4: Aug. 17, 2009 Issue No. 5: Aug. 24, 2009  Issue No. 6: Aug. 31, 2009


Volume XXXVI, No. 3: Aug. 3, 2009

Thoughts from Pat Johns

Web Site Moving Ahead

New Password Protection for Employee Self-Service Web Site

Web Site Visits Skyrocket

Cambridge Campus Construction Update

Coon Rapids Campus Construction Update

Anoka-Ramsey's Fantastic Faculty and Staff

College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Pause for Appreciation


Thoughts from Pat Johns

Dear Faculty and Staff,

I hope you are enjoying your summer activities with family and friends before the start of fall.  August is nearly here and plans for fall semester 2009 are in full swing.  Be sure to stay updated by reading your College Bulletins.

Did you hear that enrollment this summer increased by 23 percent and fall enrollments are growing steadily?  To say it is busy on our campuses is an understatement.  College staff are feeling the increased pressure to serve thousands of new and returning students who are preparing for fall semester.  Please consider taking a moment to thank those in our college offices who work extremely hard assisting students.

Preparations are also underway for Faculty Development Days and New Faculty Orientaiton, August 20-21.  The agenda outlines the variety of development opportunities focused on retention and themed "It's Everyone's Job."  There are several concurrent sessions related to informing, preparing, engaging and serving students - all facilitated by Anoka-Ramsey faculty and staff.

Thursday, August 20

All Anoka-Ramsey faculty will assemble on the Coon Rapids Campus at 8 a.m.  You are welcome to enjoy continental breakfast from 7:30 to 8 a.m. in the Performing Arts Center lobby.  The agenda begins with the State of the College address and continues with several guest speakers.  Faculty are expected to attend the entire schedule of activities.  All other staff are invited to attend selected activities with their supervisor's approval.

For staff who are not able to attend the August 20 sessions, a State of the College address is also scheduled for September 124 at 9 a.m., G201, Cambridge Campus, and 2 p.m., Legacy Room, Coon Rapids Campus.

Friday, August 21

Faculty will meet at their "home" campus at 8 a.m.  You are once again welcome to a continental breakfast from 7:30 to 8 a.m.  Several sessions are planned throughout Friday morning on both campuses.  Orientation for new faculty (full-time and part-time) takes place Friday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Returning faculty and staff are encouraged to meet and greet our new college employees.

Looking toward our 2009-2010 year, we will be challenged by a difficult fiscal situation paired with increased enrollments.  Your energy and commitment, to the college and the students we serve, are more important than ever.  Thank you for choosing to work at Anoka-Ramsey Community College.


Web Site Moving Ahead

Homepage   Have you looked at the new college Web site under development?  You can see the progress here.

The goal of this redesign is to improve navigation and usability of the site to better serve prospects, sutdents and other visitors.  We do have a lot more work to do before the public launch, Sept. 4, but wanted you to have a chance to preview the direction of the redesign.

New Faculty Web Site Templates

College faculty will receive the new Web page template, in Sharepoint Designer, for academic subject-area pages and department pages at Development Days.  Scott Wojtanowski is providing a training session Aug. 20 as one of the concurrent sessions.  Please email Scott in advance if you plan to attend.  Faculty will have all of Fall Semester to work on updating their Web pages to the new look.

Do you have comments/concerns?

Feel free to share them with the content editor (see below) in your department/area or the Marketing Department directly.

Content Editors:

Kim Bienfang                          

Ryan Hoyt                                Deidra Peaslee                             LeAnn Snidarich                   

Bonnie Boese

Jeffrey Knight 

Tina Perpich 

Suzanne Stiff

Marcellus Davis

Don Long

Jan Pomeroy

Ruth Swartwood

Sarah Deering

Kim Lynch

Karla Sand

Joyce Traczyk

Louise Duff

Al Mamaril

Kelsey Schwarzrock


Janine Forrer

Nora Morris

Karla Seymour

Evelyn Gedde Cindy Nutter Lisa Sisson  









New Password Protection for Employee Self-Service Web Site

There is a new password change for the Employee Self-Service Web site.  The system will now be enforcing the use of "strong" passwords.  A bulletin regarding New Password Requirements for Employee Self-Service Users dated July 7, 2009 has been posted here.  If you have any questions pertaining to this matter please contact Jennifer Kohner, Human Resources Benefit Specialist at x1634.


Web Site Vists Skyrocket

As you are Aware, the Anoka-Ramsey Community College Web site is in the final stages of redesign to improve the Web experience for the increasing amount of visitors to the site.

As the graphs indicate, the Web site now attracts an average of 40,000 unique visitors (see Terms) each month.

In the past seven months, the site has received nearly 1.3 million visits and 44,807,745 hits (see Terms).

In other words, the number of unique visitors jumped 45 percent from 2007 to 2009 and the total number of hits leaped more than 78 percent from 2007 to 2009.

The increased Web usage as well as all print materials (publications and ads) and radio spots driving people to the site, makes the Web site Anoka-Ramsey's most valuable tool for both providing information about Anoka-Ramsey Community College and for motivating people to attend and remain engaged.

Contributions including consistent and accurate updates, proofreading and suggestions for new and/or improved content, particularly during the current redesign process, are vital in our goal to provide users with the best Web experience possible.

For more information about the Web site, please contact the Marketing and Public Relations Office at x1550.

 Web Page Graph 1

 Terms to Know

Hits:  total number of visits to any Web site, or clicks on a specific ad, including repeat visitors and clicks.

Unique Visitors:  person who visits a Web site once within a specified period of time.  Software that tracks and counts Web site traffic can distinguish between visitors who only visit the site once and those who return to the site.  Unique visitors are measured according to their unique IP addresses, whcih are like online fingerprints, and unique visitors are counted only once no matter how many times they visit the site.

 Web Page Graph 2

The number of visitors to the Anoka-Ramsey Community College Web site continues to increase each year, likely correlating to the increasing preference of the general public to receive information online.  

 Web Page Graph 3




Cambridge Campus Construction Update

Cambridge Parking Lot Construction

Parking Lot Well Underway

The parking lot construction is moving along quickly and fifty additional parking stalls will be available in september (pictured above).

Demolition for Nursing Lab Addition

Demolition for Cambridge Campus Nusring Addition Complete

The demolition is complete and construction is set to begin very soon on the Nursing lab addition at the Cambridge Campus.  Staff who work in Upward Bound and Veteran's Services have been temporarily relocated.  The addition project is scheduled for completion in January 2010 (pictured above).














Coon Rapids Campus Construction Update

Moving Back to Humanities

The air handling upgrade in Humanities is a success.  Faculty and staff will move back into their offices by Aug. 20.  All classrooms will be fully functional at the start of fall semester as well.



Visual Arts Center Construction


Noisy in Student Services

The new one-stop-shop for student services is under construction in the upper Student Services building.  Thank you to the Coon Rapids Information Center and Business Office for putting up with all the noise!  The project is on schedule for completion in September (pictured left).


Visual Arts Center Takes Shape

Check out the progress on the new Visual Arts Center.


Anoka-Ramsey's Fantastic Faculty and Staff

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how well I feel that one of your conselors has dealt with me.  When I returned to Anoka-Ramsey Community College, I was very nervous.  I was a 39-year old returning student after 20-years.  Nancy Elk was the next available counselor to take on the next walk-in.  That just happened to be me.  She calmed my nerves and welcomed me back with open arms.  She made me feel so at ease, like this experience was going to be a walk in the park.  She was almost completely correct.  Attending classes was a walk in the park after the first day.  Every time that I registered for classes, I go see Nancy.  Not only does she help me with my class schedule, she makes me laugh while doing it.  I have been down the last couple of weeks, due to the economy, my husband has lost three jobs in less than a year, and I also cannot find work.  To take on any type of job that is paying, my husband has taken on a job that will be forcing him to be gone for several weeks, and maybe months at a time.  My three kids are taking it hard as well as myself.  To make a long story short, I am not doing as well as I should be in one of my classes.  Nancy discussed with me all of my options.  She explained what would happen in all of the scenarios.  We also went through what classes are needed for me to receive my AA degree.  She helped me in choosing classes.  She asked me what I like, not just what was available.  I didn't feel rushed or like I was just another student.  She made me feel that I was the only person during her very busy schedule.

Nancy has always made me feel special.  Never has she made me feel like I am just another student.  She is looking out for what would be best for me.  I know that I am not the only one who feels this way.  She makes everyone feel that way.  Just take a moment and watch her with the other students and faculty.  She is fabulous.  She is also so animated.  How can anyone not laugh when you are with her?  She makes me laugh just watching her see what classes are available.  I don't know if there is a counselor award, but if there is it should go to Nancy Elk.

Thank you, Nancy, for all that you do.  There are not enough words to express how much you helped me.  Please don't change.  If they ever decide to clone individuals, I think that you should consider it.  I wish that more people would treat others as you do, then the world would be a much better place.

Thank you,

Naomie Buie, Anoka-Ramsey Community College Student


I just completed NATS 1003 Geology with Professor Jeff Knapp.  I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this class.  I had originally heard about the class in the summer of 2008 and had been excited to enroll for 2009.  The field trip gave me the opportunity to apply what I learned in the classroom in a hands-on manner.  I retained so much from this format.  This was my last course for my AA and it truly was a grand-finale.  I hope that I will be able to experience a class like this again in my future.  Thank you.


John Jost, Anoka-Ramsey Community College Student


College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Sunshine Committee

A card and gift was sent to Maria Barlage and family on the birth of their daughter, Mariana.


Pause for Appreciation

"I would like to thank Sue Myrmel and her Information Desk group for always being friendly and helpful to both staff and students."

-Ravae Anderson


"I would like to thank Roger Freeman, Ed Norton, Jim Nieswaag, Kirk Young and Steve Casper for helping me with my Prairie Plot Garden this last spring.  I would also like to thank all of the staff members that let me take their photos for the new faculty online orientation this summer.  And last, but not least, Dan Harmon for helping out with all of the Biology Labs this summer on the Coon Rapids Campus.  I couldn't have completed any of my tasks without the help of my great co-workers."

-Melanie Waite-Altringer


Volume XXXVI, No. 4: Aug. 17, 2009

Thoughts from Pat Johns

Introducing & Testing New Brand Package for Anoka-Ramsey Community College

College Welcomes New Academic Advisor

College Welcomes New Multicultural Advisor

College Welcomes New Student Success Advisor

Oh, Baby!

Humanities Building Ready for Move-In

Thank You for Hosting North Memorial Air Care Training at Cambridge Campus

Pause for Appreciation


Thoughts from Pat Johns

Name Change News and Special Thank You

The Decision & Why

For the past four years, most of you have taken part in the extensive consultation and deliberation process surrounding a potential college name change.  Sound rationale has come forth in support for and against the change.  After consultation with many internal and external college wide groups, two primary points surfaced and solidified the decision not to recommend a name change to the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) Chancellor or Board of Trustees.  First, due to the state's fiscal crisis, the Trustees have clearly stated that the options to restructure part(s) of the system are on the table for consideration.  Governor Pawlenty has the stressed need for MnSCU to better define centers of excellence to reduce institutional crossover.  Therefore, if Anoka-Ramsey becomes involved in any restructuring, it would be imperative to include any additional constituents in a name change decision.  Second, any spending of tax-payer dollars is being scrutinized more closely today than ever before.  Clearly, the college would need to allocate funds to fully communicate a name change.  In Anoka-Ramsey's case, this may appear as non-essential spending since there is no mission change or consolidation taking place.  After careful consideration, it's clear that the risk of negative publicity due to the perception of frivolous spending outweighs potential benefits of a name change.  Our focus will remain on protecting our reduced resources to provide the best academic offerings for students.

Thank You

I sincerely appreciate the thorough process undertaken by the members of the two committees and all of you who worked on the name change process.  I know this was a difficult project to be a part of since there are many emotional attachments to our college's name.  Please know that you have made a lasting, positive impact on the college!  The process that you moved all of us through provided the platform for employees on both campuses to come together and gain a better understanding of one another.  Today we can definitely say that we are not as different or as far apart as we were when the started this process.  In addition, the community has increased engagement and become more aware of Anoka-Ramsey Community College.  The name change dialog became a hot topic at community gatherings like Rotary meetings, Chamber events and strategic planning sessions.  We were also able to capitalize on the process by garnering the media's attention.


Amy Ballard 

Robert Breitbach 

Tom McCarthy 

Maria Barlage 

Anna Driscoll 

Mary Raeker-Rebek 

Bill Breen 

Evelyn Gedde 

Deidra Peaslee 

Bonnie Boese 

Mary Jacobson 

Juanita Peterson 

Lynnette Brambrink 

Charlotte Lindahl 

Katie Vaccari 





What's Next?

The college is extremely busy moving into Fall 09 under tight budget constraints, yet increased enrollments.  Thank you to all staff who are working extremely hard to facilitate the start of the semester!  I look forward to presenting the State of the College to faculty on Aug. 20 and staff on Sept. 14.



Introducing & Testing New Brand Package for Anoka-Ramsey Community College

Marketing, Public Relations and Recruitment teams have developed Anoka-Ramsey's next moves in terms of branding, marketing, advertising and public relations.  The package is in the testing stages, and students, alumni and college employees are providing feedback.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we will continue to adjust as constructive ideas come forward.

Please note that the brand package is not meant to define or redefine the college.  The college has already set the definition through mission, strategic goals and how we all take part in working with students.

The goal of the brand package is to represent the essence of Anoka-Ramsey Community College and set the tone for how others will perceive the college.  The refreshed design contains river themes that enhance the college's image as a steady, continuous force that flows in and out of the lifecycle of the students and the communities we serve.  The colors and style are vibrant, clean and energetic which will allow our distinguished presence to be known throughout the academic community.  In addition, a new college seal is being developed to represent the college's more traditional themes.

The implementation of a new package will phase into our normally scheduled publications and printing so there will not be additional costs.  Some people have asked about new signage: The two campuses are in need of new signs, and since the college name is not changing we can purchase new signs as needed instead of all of them at one time.  More information regarding implementation will be made available once the designs are complete.

 New College Logo


College Welcomes New Academic Advisor

Anoka-Ramsey Community College recently welcomed Carly Andersen as a new Academic Advisor.  In her new position, Carly will assist and advise students through their education process at Anoka-Ramsey and their specific degree program requirements.

Located primarily at the Cambridge Campus, Carly received a bachelor in arts degree in English and Spanish Studies in 2005 from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and a master of science in Education: Student Affairs Administration from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 2009.

Prior to coming to Anoka-Ramsey, Carly worked at the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts with DARS reports and had an opportunity to work with the transfer student population.  She also served as a graduate assistant working with pre-health science students at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

"I came to Anoka-Ramsey for a wide variety of reasons," Carly says.  "I was looking for an opportunity to advise students and I have always wanted to work at a community college dedicated to working with the needs of the surrounding community.  At Anoka-Ramsey, I was able to find both!"

A resident of St. Paul, Carly hopes to coninuously challenge herself and increase her knowledge base to become a better resource for students.

Welcome, Carly!

 Carly Andersen, Academic Advisor


College Welcomes New Multicultural Advisor

Anoka-Ramsey Community College recently welcomed Brian Okstad as the new Multicultural Advisor.  In this new position, Brian will support students through the Advising Office with an emphasis on serving and advocating for multicultural students and English Language Learners (ELL/ESL) while supporting an inclusive college campus.

Working primarily at the Coon Rapids Campus, Brian comes to the position with a bachelor of arts in History and Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Minnesota-Duluth and a master of arts in Pupular Culture from Bowling Green State University.  He has also completed graduate work in cultural anthropology and a master of arts in Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology (Educational Psychology) from the University of Minnesota.

Prior to Anoka-Ramsey, Brian taught undergraduate courses in Career Development, First-Year Writing (with multicultural, service-learning and civic engagement themes), and Popular Culture; served as a teaching assistant in African and African-American Studies at the University of Minnesota and completed an internship at the University of Minnesota's St. Paul Campus Career Center.

He came to Anoka-Ramsey "to work with a diverse student body, first-generation college students, and students who are figuring out their own relationships to higher education" and hopes to "learn as much as I can while helping as well as I can (or vice-versa)."

A resident of Minneapolis, Brian Enjoys writing, travel, the outdoors, learning to play the guitar and spending time with friends and family.  He is also about to be a farther for the first time.

Welcome, Brian!

 Brian Okstad, Multicultural Advisor


College Welcomes New Student Success Advisor

Anoka-Ramsey welcomes Mireya Smith as a new Student Success Advisor.  In her new position, Mireya advises students about choosing courses that apply towards their degree completion.

Mireya holds a bachelor of science in Psychology from Northwestern College and a master of arts in Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology (CSPP) from the University of Minnesota (U of M). 

Prior to coming to Anoka-Ramsey, Mireya completed an internship through Workforce Solutions, service Roseville Area High School (RAHS) and Guadalupe Alternative Programs (GAP) high school students in career development.  She also completed a practicum at the Career Services in College of Educaiton and Human Development (CEHD) at the U of M.

Working primarily at the Coon Rapids Campus, Mireya says she came to Anoka-Ramsey due to her "interest in working for a MnSCU institution specifically for a community college because of their student population."

"I look forward to helping to increase the student retention rates at Anoka-Ramsey."

A resident of Shoreview, Mireya enjoys spending time with her "Japacican (short for Japanese, Mexican, American) family," especially when they eat delicious food.

Mireya says she is a lifelong learner, and bilingual in Spanish and English.

Welcome, Mireya!

 Student Success Adivsor, Mireya Smith


Oh, Baby!

Financial Aid Officer, Jenny Semans, and Family


Sarah Deering and new baby Kyle.

Congratulations to Jenny Semans (Financial Aid Officer) and husband Ryan on the birth of their son Henry Ryan.

Henry was born Friday, Aug. 7 at 1:18 p.m. weighing in at 9 pounds, 5 ounces and 21.5 inches long.  Jenny, Ryan and Henry are home and adjusting to their new little family.

 Congratulations to the Deering family.

Sarah Deering and husband, Kyle, are enjoying their new roles as parents of Mallory Sue, born Thursday, Aug. 6.  She weighed in at 6 pounds, 13 ounces and 19.5 inches long.

Everything is going very well and the Deerings are adjusting to their new addition to the family.


Humanities Building Ready for Move-In

The Maintenance and Facilities crew is rounding the corner for completion of cleaning Humanities offices and technology's reinstallation of phones and computers.  The cleaning process is hoped to be completed.  Offices are available for your access.

Thanks for your patience during this time as the air-handling system was updated.  If you have any questions about your office and set-ups, please contact Ed Norton at x1517.

Thanks, and welcome back!


Thank You for Hosting North Memorial Air Care Training at Cambridge Campus

Dear Anoka-Ramsey Community College,

On behalf of the Cambridge Police Department I would like to thank you for hosting the North Memorial Air Care helicopter training on July 21 and 22, 2009.  We greatly appreciate the use of your property and equipment to provide this very important training to area law enforcement and other emergency responders.

The training was found to be very useful and was enjoyed by all.  Your willingness to host this event in Cambridge allowed more local personnel to attend and will be of great benefit to the community.

Again, thank you for making this event possible and for all your help.


Dave Pajnic, Chief of Police

Helicopter/Landing Zone Safety Class


Helicopter/Landing Zone Safety Class

Anoka-Ramsey Community College Cambridge Campus played host to members from ALL public safety sectors (law enforcement, EMS, fire/rescue) to take part in a Helicopter/Landing Zone Safety Class offered by North Memorial Air Care.

Medica air transport cuts transportation time by 80%, getting the patient to a hospital that can offer a higher level of care.

For example, Cambridge to HCMC in Minneapolis:

  • Ground Ambulance:  50 to 60 minutes
  • Air Ambulance:  14 minutes


Pause for Appreciation

As a vietnam-era Veteran, I recently had some questions regarding the G.I. Bill services.  I went to Phil O'Donnell, Director of Veteran Services, with my questions and he was very helpful.  He provided the proper Web links and directed me toward the right people to help me.  Thanks to him, my issue was resolved quickly.

I am truly grateful to Phil and I "salute" this former Veteran.

-Bruce Ripley


Cambridge Campus Upward Bound would like to thank Dan Harmon for his extra effort to help support our summer Biology labs.  Your friendly nature and willingness to lend a hand is much appreciated by Upward Bound staff and students.



Volume XXXVI: No. 5: Aug. 24, 2009

Thoughts from Pat Johns

Art Faculty, Bussey Exhibit Open Through September

New Faculty

New Staff

Official Announcements

College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Pause for Appreciation

Thoughts from Pat Johns

Retention:  It's Everyone's Job

Exerpts from the August 20, 2009 State of the College:

  • "As a college, we are continually assessing the needs of our students and surrounding communities.  We change and grow to respond to those needs."
  •  "We are committed to serving as a resource for our communities and do so by making retention a top priority."
  • "Everyone's job contributes to the achievements of the college and our learners.  Everything we do here plays a part in the retention and success of Anoka-Ramsey Community College's learners."
  • "Retention is accomplished with the right people, the right programs and with perseverance."
  • "As a community college we might struggle to remain competitive in a market of private and technical colleges.  Our ability to add and change our programming gives us an advantage."
  • "We are able to attract and retain learners by giving them what they want and need to build a solid foundation for their future."
  • "Our service areas and communities are going through an unprecedented and difficult economic time."
  • "Unemployment figures for June in the counties we most greatly serve range from the lowest, Hennepin County at 8.3%, to the highest, hitting double digits at 10.4% in Isanti County."
  • "As a college we are charged with responding to crises such as this and providing a way for the community to recharge, retrain and get back into the workforce as quickly as possible."
  • "In responding to the country's financial crisis we developed and initiated the Workforce Retraining Initiative offering a fifty-percent reduction in tuition for unemployed workers eligible for unemployment benefits.  The initiative is Anoka-Ramsey's way of stimulating the economy through higher education."
  • "Your hard work and dedication shows in your professional accomplishments.  Don't forget!  Please let us know if you have been recognized so that we can spread the good news here at the college."


Art Faculty, Bussey Exhibit Open Through September

Art faculty member, Margaret Bussey is exhibiting an array of her watercolors in "Vital Signs: Water, Rock, Bridge, Wood, Light, Fixture" at the Hennepin County Medical Center, now through Sept. 25, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

The exhibit includes 28 pieces of Meg's work, all created within the last five years.

Located 730 South 8th Street, Minneapolis, in the Red Building Skyway, Level 2, Meg says "it is really close if you're out to see a Twins game."

For more information about Meg's exhibit, contact Inspire Arts directly at 612-873-2208.

For more information about other faculty recognitions, visit the college Web site.


New Faculty

Amber Severson:  Math Faculty Member, Cambridge Campus

Amber holds a bachelor of science and a master of science in Math Education from Bemidji State University.  She has started her PhD coursework at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Prior to coming to Anoka-Ramsey, Amber was a high school mathematics teacher in Alexandria and Brainerd, Minn.  She has also taught at Bemidji State University, St. Cloud State University, and Rasumssen College in St. Cloud.

Of her new position, Amber says she is "excited to teach and work with other instructors to promote students' learning of mathematics."

"I plan to continue to improve my teaching, be more professionally active and be active at Anoka-Ramsey."

A resident of St. Cloud, Amber is married to Josh Severson and enjoys traveling and "lime margaritas on the rocks."

Welcome, Amber! 

Faculty Member, Amber Severson 

Rachel Breen:  Art Faculty Member, Coon Rapids Campus

Rachel holds a bachelo of arts from the Evergreen State College, in Olympia, Wash., and a master of fine arts from the University of Minnesota.

Prior to coming to Anoka-Ramsey, Rachel taught painting, drawing, portfolio development and Introduction to Visual Arts at Normandale Community College, the University of Minnesota, the College of Visual Art and Design.  She also taught drawing, painting and cartooning in the Artward Bound summer program at St. Paul Academy.

Rachel accepted the position at Anoka-Ramsey because "teaching at Anoka-Ramsey Community College will allow me to bring my passion and values together," she says.

"I want to inspire, motivate and challenge students to be ambitious and exceed expectations, connect with the Anoka-Ramsey community, work with faculty, staff and students to build and strengthen the college, and have fun doing it!"

A resident of Minneapolis, Rachel has two sons--Isaiah beginning his first year of college this fall at the University of California, Berkeley and Stanely beginning ninth grade at Southwest High School.  Rachel has a beagle named Zeus and, when not making art, enjoys looking at other people's art (especially modern dance), riding bike, canoeing, hiking, running and traveling anywhere, expecially outside of the U.S.

She also lived in China for three years and is interested in hearing from those who have been involved with Anoka-Ramsey's sister school in Zhaoqing.

Welcome, Rachel! 

Faculty Member, Rachel Breen 

Fang-Yi Shen:  Music Faculty Member, Coon Rapids Campus

Fang-Yi holds a bachelor of fine arts in Cello Performance with minors in Piano, Music Education and Voice; a master of music in Cello Performance; and a doctorate of Musical Arts in Cello Performance with Cognates in Chamber Music and Music Theory.

Prior to coming to Anoka-Ramsey, Fang-Yi played in several orchestras and taught at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, National Taiwan Normal University, Xavier University and Toedtman School of Music.  She has also attended several major music festivals, including the Bowdoin International Music Festival, the Banff Music Festival and Lucca Theatre and Opera Music Festival.

Fang-Yi accepted the position because "orchestra is new to the school, and I would like to have this opportunity to develop the program.  In terms of location, we are surrounded by the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Minneapolis Opera, and other art and musical activities.  One can definitely feel the vivid and vibrating atmosphere here."

I hope to "expand the orchestra, inspire students to approach music spontaneously, and encourage students to further their education at a four-year college of their choice," adds Fang-Yi.

A resident of Fridley, Fang-Yi enjoys art and musical activities, hiking swimming, gym exercise, travelling, cooking, shopping, eating and rafting.  She has a five pound toy poodle and loves animals.

Welcome, Fang-Yi! 

Faculty Member, Fang-Yi Shen 

Greg Rathert: English Faculty Member, Coon Rapids Campus

Greg holds a bachelor of arts from Weber State University and a master of arts from Oregon State University.

Prior to coming to Anoka-Ramsey, Greg taught for six years--four at the community college level.  He also developed and directed a college writing center for four years and served on a number of educational committees and projects.

Greg accepted the position at Anoka-Ramsey because "aside from wanting to get back to the Midwest, I immediately fell in love with Anoka-Ramsey's warm and inviting atmosphere.  I could tell right away that this was a community that cared about students and learning and that valued and supported each other.  I also loved my student-led tour of the campus.  That one interaction told me a lot about the role of students; they're not just recipients of an education, they're active participants in that education and play an essential role in how Anoka-Ramsey defines and presents itself."

"I really just want to continue finding ways to celebrate and advance student learning while engaging in all those fun, creative and collaborative practices community colleges are known for," says Greg.

A resident of Maple Grove, Greg is married to Sarah and enjoys the outdoors, backpacking or snowshoeing with their dog, Bailey and exploring the cities.

Welcome, Greg! 

Faculty Member, Greg Rathert 

Jennifer Willcutt: Reading Faculty Member, Coon Rapids Campus

Jennifer holds a bachelor of arts degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and master and doctorate degrees in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Prior to coming to Anoka-Ramsey, Jennifer was a part-time reading and study skills instructor at Inver Hills Community College.

Jennifer accepted the position because of unlimited full-time opportunity.

She hopes to continue "to learn more about my students and their goals, increase my repertoire of lessons and activities."

A resident of Minneapolis, Jennifer enjoys gardening, watching movies, trying new restaurants with friends, and traveling.  Her sister also teaches nearby at Crossroads High School as a biology teacher.

Welcome, Jennifer! 

Faculty Member, Jennifer Willcutt 

Tim Sheehan: Communications Faculty Member, Coon Rapids Campus

Tim attended Ball State University for six years and the New York Film Academy for one year.

Prior to coming to Anoka-Ramsey, Tim taught at Carolina Community College Communication Classes for five years.  He was also a toy soldier at FAO Schwartz.

Tim accepted the position because "professional acting does NOT come with health insurance (unless you are much more successful than I was)."

Tim's teaching goal is to make a positive difference in his students' academic careers.

A resident of Coon Rapids, Tim is an only child who craves attention and is allergic to cats.  He enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, chess and his church family.

He would like his co-workers to know that he goes whever Brett Favre goes!

Welcome, Tim! 

Faculty Member, Tim Sheehan 

Christopher Lutz: Chemistry Faculty Member, Coon Rapids Campus

Christopher holds a bachelor of science in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and a doctorate in Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Prior to coming to Anoka-Ramsey, Christopher taught beginning through graduate-level Chemistry courses since January 2005 at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie.

Christopher accepted the position because "the chemistry courses taught at Anoka-Ramsey are similar to what I have been teaching in a temporary position at UW-Stout and use much of the same technology."

"I hope to continue my professional development and further improve my teaching skills," says Christopher.  "This includes my goal to provide excellent instruction in Chemistry to support the development of my students and hopefully ignite a passion for science.  I also hope to use my position to continue a collaborative scholarship of teaching and learning project I started at UW-Stout with a new student population.  Hopefully similarities and differences between results/populations will allow us to see which results are generally applicable across student populations."

A resident of Baldwin, Wisc., Christopher is married to Jill.  They have two sons--Jacob, who is three years old and Max, who is eight months old.

Welcome, Christopher. 

Faculty Member, Christopher Lutz 

Kendra Miller: Psychology Faculty Member, Coon Rapids Campus

Kendra holds a bachelor of arts in Psychology and Human Services from the University of Minnesota-Morris (1993), and a master of arts in Counseling and Psychological Services from St. Mary's University of Minnesota (1996).

She has been an adjunct faculty at Anoka-Ramsey since 2001.  Prior to that, Kendra coordinated a mental health program for homeless teens and young adults at a place called Project Off Streets in Minneapolis.

Kendra accepted the full-time position because, as an adjunct faculty member, she cam to "value Anoka-Ramsey's commitment and dedication to students and faculty."

I hope to "inspire student engagement through experiential and active learning strategies, develop additional course offerings and expand my involvement in the college," says Kendra.

A resident of Moundsview, Kendra is married and has two children, a son who is nine years old and daughter who is six.  Along with their children's activities, the family enjoys camping.

Welcome, Kendra! 

Faculty Member, Kendra Miller 

Joseph Schoen: Economics Faculty Member, Cambridge Campus

Joseph holds a bachelor of science in Economics and Public Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (2004); and a master of arts in Agricultural and Applied Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2006).

Prior to coming to Anoka-Ramsey, Joseph was a part-time economics instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Marshfield/Wood County from Jan. 2008 to May 2009 and at Mid-State Technical College from Sept. 2008 to May 2009.  He was also a research assistant at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from Aug. 2005 to May 2008.

Joseph accepted the position at Anoka-Ramsey because he "wanted to be at a post-secondary institution where teaching is the main focus."  He also noted that the college has a proactive approach to teaching and seems to offer plenty of opportunities for professional development.

"I want my students to leave my class not being afraid of economics," says Joseph.  "I want them to use the concepts learned in my courses to critically analyze the world around them."

A resident of Isanti, Joseph is married with a 5-month-old daughter and two cats.  He enjoys spending time with his family, running and being outdoors.

Weelcome, Joseph! 

Faculty Member, Joseph Schoen 

Penny Rivard-Sherman: Physical Therapist Assistant Faculty Member, Coon Rapids Campus

Penny holds a bachelor of science degree in Physical Therapy from the College of St. Scholastica (1987) and a master in arts degree in Educaiton from St. Catherine's University (2001).

Prior to coming to Anoka-Ramsey, Penny was a practicing physical therapist for 22 years.  She also taught for two years in the public school system.

Penny accepted the position because "my ideal job would be teaching in a healthcare environment.  When the position opened at Anoka-Ramsey, I jumped at the chance."

She hopes to continue learning herself and assist in graduating Physical Therapist Assistant students who are competent, creative problem solvers.

A resident of Circle Pines, Penny is married to Jeff and they have three children: Luke, 17; Chelsea, 16; and Ben, 15.  They also have a puppy names Tia.

Welcome, Penny! 



New Staff

Allan Callender: Customized Training/Representative/BMED

Allan was hired as the Director of Continuing Education & Customized Training with an emphasis in Biomedical.

He received a Materials Engineering BS degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas.

Allan has more than 20 years experience in technical sales in both medical device and electronics manufacturing.  His work experience includes a range of sales roles from regional sales manager to national and international sales executive.  Companies in which he was employed include, Winland Electronics, LPL System, Inc. and General Scanning, Inc.

Welcome, Allan!

Director of Continuing Education & Customized Training, Allan Callender 

Robin Robatek: Director of Business & Technology

Robin holds a bachelor of arts in Organizational Management from Concordia University, and a master of science in Higher Education Administration from St. Cloud State University.

Prior to coming to Anoka-Ramsey, Robin worked at Rasmussen College as an associate campus director, student success coordinator and an adjunct faculty member; St. Cloud Technical College as a customized training program manager; Minnesota Workforce Center as an employment consultant; and St. Cloud Hospital as an education consultant.

In her position at Anoka-Ramsey, Robin will manage and coordinate the Business and CNET academic programs, coordinate the Business and CNET academic schedule development, facilitate the curriculum development process, assist in program reivew process and in institutional effectiveness and develop opportunities for global learning.

Robin is a resident of St. Cloud.

Welcome, Robin!

Director of Business & Technology, Robin Robatek 

Shannon Watson: TRIO Upward Bound Advisor

Shannon holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology with minors in Social Work and Business Management from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Mich., and is currently in the thesis stage of a master's degree in Applied Criminal and Social Justice Theory. 

Prior to coming to Anoka-Ramsey, Shannon managed the "Pathways Program for Incarcerated Students" at St. Cloud State University, a program that works with offenders throughout the state of Minnesota helping them earn an associate of arts degree while incarcerated.

Shannon accepted the position because "I am excited about what is being done at the community college level to help people learn what they are passionate about and find ways to achieve their goals," says Shannon.  "I am also passionate about providing diverse populations access to higher education."

"My goal is to support the TRIO program participants as they navigate their way through the college," adds Shannon.  "By forming relationships and acting as a guide, I hope to help students complete their college education and move onto wherever their abilities lead them!"

A resident of Minneapolis, Shannon is originally from St. Louis, Mo. but had lived in St. Cloud, Minn. for the past three years.  She enjoys cooking (ethnic food mostly), traveling, spending time with loved ones, and is excited to explore what the Twin Cities has to offer.

Welcome, Shannon!

TRIO Upward Bound Advisor, Shannon Watson 

Mia Choua Yang: TRIO Upward Bound Advisor

TRIO Upward Bound is happy to announce the hire of Mia Choua as a new Upward Bound Advisor. You may be aware that Mia Choua has worked with Upward Bound in temporary positions as both a tutor and an advisor.

Mia Choua is a graduate from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology and a minor in Comparative Race and Ethnicity.  She brings with her a depth of knowledge as she herself was a participant in the Upward Bound program through the University of Minnesota.

Welcome back to Anoka-Ramsey and TRIO Upward Bound, Mia Choua!

TRIO Upward Bound, Mia Choua Yang 

Scott Danneman: College Lab Assistant

Scott holds a bachelor of science degree in Botany and a master of science degree in Biology from Northern Michigan University.

Prior to coming to Anoka-Ramsey, Scott was a teaching assistant at Northern Michigan University; he has also worked in several greenhouses including Orchids Limited in Plymouth, Forest Service, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the University of Minnesota Extension Service.

Scott accepted the position because it is "an interesting job in my field."  He hopes to "streamline lab preparation."

Scott is a resident of St. Cloud.

Welcome, Scott! 



Official Announcements


  • ART 1100, Art Appreciation, Change a course, A-10-FY09
  • BUS 1145 Customer Service, Add a new course, B-27-FY09
  • Education: Associate of Arts, Add a program, ED-01-FY09
  • Adding, Changing, or Dropping/Suspending Courses, Academic Policy, ES-01-FY09
  • Adding, Changing, or Dropping/Suspending Courses, Academic Procedure, ES-02-FY09
  • Academic Program Improvement, Academic Policy, ES-03-FY09
  • SOC 2262, Juvenile Delinquency and Justice, Change a course, SS-13-FY09
  • EDUC 2000 Foundations of Education, Add a new course, ED-01-FY09
  • Accounting Practitioner Program, Change a program, B-06-FY09
  • Business Communication Program, Add a program, B-09-FY09
  • Human Resource Associate Program, Add a program, B-17-FY09
  • Leadership in Business Cert., Add a program, B-18-FY09
  • Sales Management, Add a program, B-16-FY09
  • BUS 1111, Suspend a course, B-24-FY09
  • BUS 1121: Effective Business Presentations, Add a new course, B-08-FY09
  • BUS 1125: Financial Accounting, Change a course, B-26-FY09
  • BUS 2150 Innovative Leadership, Add a new course, B-19-FY09
  • BUS 2152 Principles of Lean, Add a new course, B-20-FY09
  • BUS 2154 Leading in a Lean Organization, Add a new course, B-21-FY09
  • BUS 2160 Coaching for Continuous Improvement, Add a new course, B-22-FY09
  • BUS 2220 Risk Management and Insurance, Suspend a course, B-25-FY09
  • BUS 2285 Leadership Synthesis Project, Add a new course, B-23-FY09
  • BUS2280 Engagements and Internal Controls, Add a new course, B-11-FY09 
  • BUS 2284 RAP Exam Review, Add a new course, B-04-FY09
  • Quality Systems for Biomedical Industry, Add a program, BM-07-FY09
  • BMED 2310 Risk Management and Assessment for Medical Devices, Add a new course, GM-05-FY09
  • BMED 2320 Quality Management for Medical Devices, Add a new course, GM-06-FY09
  • CSCI 1155 Introduction to Functional Language Programming, Add a new course, CS-11-FY09
  • CSCI 1125 Java Programming, Change a course, CS-12-FY09
  • GEOG 1101: Geography of the US, 1102: Human Geography, 1103: Physical Geography, and 1106: World Regional Geography, Change a course, SS-02-FY09
  • GEOG 1501: Fundamentals of Maps and Geographic Information Systems, Change a course, SS-03-FY10
  • GEOG 2501: Cartographic Principles, Change a course, SS-04-FY09
  • GEOG 2560: Principles of Geographic Information Systems, Change a course, SS-05-FY09
  • HPER 1106 CPR Re-Certification, Change a course, W-05-FY09
  • NATS & BIOL 1171 Honors Seminar, Change a course, S-01-FY09
  • AFA Art, Change a program, A-02-FY09
  • BMED 2510 Database Management for the BMED Industry, Information Item
  • BMED 2500 Intro to Documentation/Configuration Management, Information Item
  • HPER 1189, Approve an Experimental Course, W-06-FY09
  • SOCS 1189 On Course, Approve an Experimental Course, SS-12-FY09
  • Associate in Arts, Change a program, A-09-FY)(
  • THTR 1189, Auditioning Techniques, Approve an Experimental Crse, ST-02-FY09
  • THTR 1189, Theatre and Cultural Studies, Approve an Experimental Crse, ST-01-FY09


College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Staff Development Approvals

Jim Nieswaag, 9/9-11/2009, MN Chief Engineer's Guild Conference, $300

Ed Norton, 9/9-11/2009, MN Chief Engineer's Guild Conference, $300

Krik Young, 9/9-11/2009, MN Chief Engineer's Guild Conference, $300

Sunshine Committee

A card and gift card were sent to Jennifer Semans and family on the birth of their son, Henry.


Pause for Appreciation

An email was received from Dr. Siri Anderson thanking Anoka-Ramsey Community College staff for their assistance with the DeLITE and FasTrack programs hled the weekends of Aug. 15 and 22:

This weekend start up for Bemidji State's new 37 DeLITE students and 66 FasTrack students at Anoka-Ramsey was so exciting!

Thanks for your work: recruiting them, supporting them, coordinating services, finding resources, facilitating schedules, helping with technology, ensuring our students were safe and had access to the buildings, keeping us cool, moving our materials into the building, making materials for us, directing students, supporting faculty, just being there!, and everything else you did to make this weekend go so brilliantly!

We enjoyed the support of so many of Anoka-Ramsey's great people this weekend.  It is a wonderful welcoming environment for our program and I feel lucky to have been part of this historic kick-off event.

Ravae Anderson Crystal Nelson Ed Wilberg 
Whitney Burley Gwen Noel Simon Whitney
Connie Herbert Ed Norton Scott Wojtanowski
Charlotte Lindahl Orrin Nyhus
Jolene Mattson Marissa Sabatke



Volume XXXVI, No. 6: Aug. 31, 2009

Thoughts from Pat Johns

Faculty Development Day 2009:  It's Everyone's Job

English Faculty Completes Certificate During Sabbatical

Laura Minnihan:  Upward Bound Secretary, Cambridge Campus

Employee Passwords


Official Announcements


College of Choice for Faculty and Staff


Pause for Appreciation



Back to School Message from Chancellor McCormick


Thoughts from Pat Johns

Legislators Informed about College's Facilities Needs

On Tuesday, Aug. 18, we had the opportunity to meet with legislators, Leo Foley (Minnesota Senate District 47), Michael Jungbauer (Minnesota Senate District 48), Jerry Newton (Representative District 49B) and Peggy Scott (Representative District 49A) to discuss the three FY 2010 bonding projects Anoka-Ramsey Community College has in the MnSCU Capital Budget Request:

·         #1, for all MnSCU colleges and universities for repair and replacement

·         #10 Phase 2 Fine Arts Building renovation

·         #16 Bioscience and Allied Health addition

As you know, maintenance of our facilities is vital to our mission. We shared with the legislators examples of our good stewardship of state assets and then discussed Anoka-Ramsey’s portion of the $110 million HEAPR request (#1): the HVAC in the College Services building ($1.2 million) and in the library ($1.675 million).

Afterward we moved on to the proposed Fine Arts Building renovation at the Coon Rapids Campus (#10), which would replace a nearly 40-year old building infrastructure to increase access and improving instructional space for fast-growing fine arts programs. We emphasized to the visitors the growth in fine arts programming since 1999: Art has experienced a 96.5 percent increase, Music has experienced a 175.5 percent increase; and the Theatre has experienced a 102.2 percent increase. We also highlighted the impact of the current on students, such as the current need to turn some students away due to lack of space, as well as the projected increase in demand for arts programming.

Finally, we detailed Bioscience & Allied Health addition (#16) at the Coon Rapids Campus for the legislators, which was partially funded in 2008. The addition would construct a 30,000 square-foot infill with lab and classroom space for bioscience programs, bachelor’s degree programs from state university partners and academic programs in health, science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The project would also provide on-campus space for one of the physical therapist assistant program, currently housed in leased space. Once again we emphasized growth in programming since 1999. The Nursing and Physical Therapist Assistant programs have experienced a 41.1 percent increase; Science has experienced a 90.3 percent increase and Math has experienced 52.3 percent increase.

With the current economic situation, all budget requests are under heightened scrutiny. While the projects are numbered according to priority set earlier in the budget cycle, that prioritizing does not mean that they will be funded in any specific order.

I would like to thank my staff for the wonderful job they did providing compelling take-away information for the legislators, arranging for the luncheon and organizing the tour.

More legislative visits by the legislative Bonding Committees will take place this fall. Updates on our requests will be provided as we receive them. 

Pre-Bonding Tour


Faculty Development Day 2009:  It's Everyone's Job

Submitted by Kim Lynch, Dean of Innovative Teaching & Learning

Retention IS Everyone’s Job—and You Proved It

During faculty development days, 50+ faculty and staff offered 20 concurrent sessions to help all of us think about retention from the perspective of students who are engaged, prepared, well-served and informed.

In addition, 25 of you served on one of two campus Q & A panels  and offered your expertise to incoming faculty members who had questions after completing the new online orientation. Still others worked to gather photographs and student videos, give tours, arrange keys and IDs, and make sure rooms, refreshments, and information packets were available.

Please take a moment this week to thank your co-workers, listed below in first name alphabetical order, who made last week’s faculty development days possible.

Concurrent Sessions  

Amela Sekizovic, Angie Anderson, Barbara  Prince, Bill Breen, Brandy Eddings, Bryan Vickstrom, Cindy Nutter, Claudia Kittock, Darla McCann, Dawn Alexander-Payne, Debbie VonSpreecken, Ed Wilberg, Isabelle Schmidt, Jan Pomeroy, Jennifer Liberty-Clark, Jennifer Friestad, Jennifer Hennen, Jennifer Willcutt, Jill Harrison, Jim Biederman, Joan McKearnan, Kathleen Hoffman, Katie Markell, Kirsten Olson, Kristin Klamm-Doneen, Lisa Everts, Marcellus Davis, Mark Lambert, Mary Bodelson, MaryAnn Larios, Matt Schuster, Melissa Bergstrom, Melissa Schultz, Nancy Elk, Nora Morris, Orrin Nyhus, Paula Croonquist, Phil O’Donnell, Scott Bay, Scott Wojtanowski, Shannon Kirkeide, Skip Robinson, Susan Eyre, and Wendy Zins.


Question & Answer Panel for New Faculty

Al Mamaril, Angie Anderson Barb Prince,  Bonnie Boese, Brandy Eddings,  Cindi Gilbert,  Cindy Nutter,  Darla McCann,  Darren Hoff,  Dawn Hohmann , Deidra Peaslee,  Ed Wilberg,  Jason Siems,  Joan McKearnan,  Kim Bienfang,  Lori Rodgers,  Luanne Kane, Marilyn Smith,  Mary Januschka,  Orrin Nyhus,  Pam Peterson,  Phil O’Donnell, Scott Bay,  Sue Myrmel, and Tom McCarthy.

Planning, Preparation, and Service

Dana Irgens, Dawn Bushman, Jennifer Christensen, Joan McKearnan, Joyce Traczyk, Kally Kruchten, Karla Sand, Kelly Befus, Kelsey Schwarzrock, Mary Jacobson, Mary Januschka, Michael Seymour, Ravae Anderson, Tom Deroush, and Tom McCarthy.


English Faculty Completes Certificate During Sabbatical

English faculty Scott Stankey is returning from sabbatical having completed a certificate program at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities Campus) that he  started fall 2004: "Postsecondary Developmental Education Certificate."

To earn the certificate, Scott completed six courses in Writing Studies, Educational Policy and Administration, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Psychology and English departments.

Congratulations on your accomplishment, Scott!  


Faculty Member, Scott Stankey 



Laura Minnihan:  Upward Bound Secretary, Cambridge Campus


Laura Minnihan holds an associate in arts degree from North Hennepin Community College, and has more than 20 years experience in the Administrative/Secretarial field.

Laura accepted the position because its requirements matched her skills, and she is “always interested in new experiences, learning new skills, gaining knowledge.”

”I will work to the best of my abilities; making improvements where I see necessary,” says Laura. “I take pride in my work and plan to enjoy the job and my co-workers.”

A resident of Stanchfield, Laura is a busy mother with “a wonderful family.”



Employee Passwords

Starting September 1, 2009 employees network/email logon passwords will expire every 90 days. Your new password will need to be at least 8 characters in length and include a combination of 3 character types such as: numbers, special characters, and lower and upper case letters.


MnSCU Guideline for Board Policy 5.23


If you have questions, please feel free to contact the IT Helpdesk.




Official Announcements


Proposal submitted regarding Policy 5I.1 Entering into Contracts RATIONALE: Updating Vice President title, adding reference to Delegation to Authority procedure for signing authority and adding contract definition.



College of Choice for Faculty and Staff

Staff Development Approvals

Celena Monn, Summer 2009, Tuition for Class, $300

Darin Nelson, Summer 2009, Books for Class, $92

Social Amenities

Cards were sent to MaryBeth Torborg and Linda Varvel.

A plant was sent to Janine Forrer.



Pause for Appreciation

I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting the tutors this summer in the student center.  Had it not been for their efforts with me, I am certain I would not have attained an "A" in chemistry last semester.  Their knowledge not only helped me grasp a deeper understanding of the material, but also took off many hours of what would have been frusterating at home trying to study alone.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing such a valuable resource!

I look forward to many more hours in the student center with these student tutors who are no longer just tutors, but friends as well.


Best regards,

Cass Haggard, Anoka-Ramsey Community College Student