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Online Health Resources

Here are resources with information about various aspects of healthful living.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
This site provides information about epidemics, pandemics, and vaccinations; updates for travelers; as well as more garden-variety health information. 


Children's Physician Network

This Web site has information for parents, teachers, and children about children's health.


Dr. Andrew Weil
Dr. Weil is a well-known holistic practitioner who advocates a whole-life approach to health and well-being.  His site includes topics such as healthy aging; nutrition; vitamins and supplements; pets; home; natural health; and the mind/body/spirit connection.


Because this site is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the information is reliable and thorough.  You can alphabetically search for health information.


JourneyWell has a number of tools for employee health, exercise, etc..  If you enroll in their 10,000 step program they mail you a pedometer, free of charge, so you can log your daily steps.  They will send you progress reports and information tailored to your individual health profile.


Mayo Clinic  
From the Mayo Clinic's homepage, you can quickly look up diseases or conditions alphabetically, search using specific symptoms as keywords, or browse for articles under categories such as Diseases and Conditions, Drugs and Supplements, Treatment Decisions, Healthy Living, Ask a Specialist, and Health Tools.  Articles on this site are written by doctors on staff at Mayo, so the information is reliable, and it's kept up-to-date.


National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
At this site, visitors can learn how to find and evaluate alternative medicine practitioners, get advice about treatments, and review research in the field.


National Library of Medicine
This is a database of medical studies from scientific journals.


Oprah Winfrey’s Web site provides links to articles and advice on relationships; spirit and self; food and home; and mind and body.  All of the articles are written by respected in-the-field experts that regularly appear on her show and in her magazine, including Martha Beck, Julie Morgenstern, Cheryl Richardson, Mehmet Oz, Andrew Weil, Michael Roizen, Bob Greene, and Phil McGraw.


Pick of the Month Newsletter from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture
This monthly newsletter has news about locally grown produce.  Seasonal recipes are also included.

States Employees, Inc. (SEI)
SEI (State Employee's, Inc.) is a non-profit organization that offers its State of Minnesota employee members entertainment and other valuable discounts. 


Toll-Free Phone Numbers
Toll-free, and they cover an impressive array of health topics.


A comprehensive site run by doctors.  You can search by pre-listed categories, peruse A-Z guides on various health issues, or do your own keyword search.  There is information about disease symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments; medications; healthful lifestyles; preventative maintenance; men's health; women's health; sexual health; diet and nutrition; and exercise and fitness.


American Heart Association and American Stroke Association
Our mission is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. That single purpose drives all we do. Check out these quick links to help you eat a heart-healthy diet and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke:

Online Workouts

  • Free workout videos by Jessica Smith.  Quick and easy to use right at home for a busy life.  Please review the terms of use.