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Career Orientation

CAOR 1100 -- Career Development Workshop,   1 credit Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
This course is designed to help students explore possible career options. The goal is directed at expanding awareness of self and the world of work in order to make deliberate career choices throughout one's lifetime. The course will help students identify their interests, needs and skills in order to recognize the many components that go into making career decisions.

CAOR 1102 -- Career Development,   2 credits Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
Recommended Skills, Abilities, or Coursework: Read 0990, Engl 0950, or equivalent

Students will gain an expanded understanding of themselves related to their interests, skills, personality style, and values as part of the career development process. Information gained from self-exploration will provide the foundation for occupational research, analysis, and preliminary decision-making regarding their future career plan. In addition, students will learn a variety of job search strategies including resume writing, interviewing and networking skills.

CAOR 1189 -- Topics:,   Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
This course has been developed as a potential permanent course. The course must follow all the same policies and procedures related to curriculum outlined by the college. It does not duplicate existing course offerings. Refer to course notes for specific course description.

CAOR 2297 -- Career Internships and Field Experience,   Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor

Recommended Skills, Abilities, or Coursework: 12 semester credits w/grade of C or better and completion of English 1121

Students participate in a supervised learning experience in a wide variety of community-based or work settings. Participation must be arranged with the Coordinator of Civic Learning prior to registration. Each registration must include a 1-credit seminar and 45 hours of supervised work experience for every additional registered credit.


Counseling & Advising