Short-Term/Summer Student

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Short-Term/Summer Student

Just interested in taking a class or two at Anoka-Ramsey?

If you’re not pursuing a degree or certificate program, it’s easy to complete the admission and registration process.

And, best of all, you can transfer the credits you earn if you are a student at another college or university! Just make sure you get your Anoka-Ramsey schedule approved with your college or university advisor before you start your courses.

Important Notes

Taking 8 or more credits? Follow the admission steps for the student that best describes you on the Steps to Become a Student page. If you have ever been a student with Anoka-Ramsey, you do not need to re-apply. Please follow the returning student steps.

Admissions Checklist for Students Taking 7 Credits or Less

  1. Apply

    Apply online for admission to the college. There is no cost to apply.

    Once you have submitted your application, watch for an email informing you of your enrollment status.

    Be sure to save your StarID and Password where you can find it. You’ll need your StarID and password to access your student email account and other campus information.

    Enrolled at another Minnesota State institution?

    If you are already a student at another Minnesota State institution, applying to Anoka-Ramsey is free and easy!

    Just use your StarID and Password to log in, then it will auto-fill most of your information into the application!

    If you don't know your StarID and Password, you can look up or reset that information by going to

  2. Complete Optional Online Orientation

    Short-term students are not required to complete online orientation, but it is highly recommended to be informed on Anoka-Ramsey resources and policies. Go to our orientation site below to learn more and request our online orientation.


  3. Register for Courses

    Now is the time to register for your courses through your eServices account.

    If you are trying to register for an Anoka-Ramsey course that has a prerequisite you believe you have met with your previous college-level coursework and have not submitted official transcripts/scores yet, please fill out and submit the Prerequisite Registration Form for assistance getting registered for the course.

  4. Arrange for Payment

    After you have registered for courses, it’s time to pay your tuition and buy books.

Supplementary Information