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PSEO: Home-Schooled Junior or Senior

We’re glad you plan to attend Anoka-Ramsey! As a Postsecondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) student, you’ll find we offer many services to help you succeed.

Please consider attending a PSEO Information Session to learn more.

Here are the steps to become a home-schooled junior or senior PSEO student.

  • Apply online for admission to the college. There is no cost to apply.

    Once you have applied:

    • Complete the PSEO Notice of Student Registration Form. Home school administrator/parent signature required.
    • Submit your home-school transcript
    • Submit nationally standardized test score. Please check the Eligibility requirements section to see the necessary percentile ranking for each grade level.  Please check the Academic Eligibility Requirements section below to see the necessary percentile ranking for each grade level.  

    Mail all documents to:
    Anoka-Ramsey Community College
    ATT: PSEO Admissions
    300 Spirit River Dr S
    Cambridge, MN 55008

    You may email documentation to We are unable to take photographs of documentation but can accept scans and PDFs of transcripts and PSEO Notice of Student Registration forms.

    You will be notified by mail if you have been accepted or denied.  Students will not be accepted until all paperwork listed above has been submitted.

  • After you’re admitted to the PSEO program, your next step is to meet Course Placement requirements.

    You can meet Course Placement requirements by submitting scores from the ACT exam or the Accuplacer assessment. Anoka-Ramsey is not currently offering Accuplacer, but you can learn more about the assessment here and determine if your ACT scores are sufficient for placement.

    Due to COVID-19, we are not currently offering the Accuplacer assessment. If you did not already complete the Accuplacer or ACT, you will be placed into courses using your high school GPA and high school coursework. More details will be shared upon your acceptance into the program.

    Students who were originally placed into classes based on their ACT or Accuplacer must request a re-evaluation of their placement, if they feel that their original scores do not place them accurately. The re-evaluation can be requested here: Course Placement Evaluation Request

  • All PSEO students are required to attend an Orientation and Registration session prior to being allowed to register for their first semester of courses. 


    • Please bring Placement Test results or ACT exam on the day of your Orientation & Registration session.
  • Please complete the Immunization Form and submit it to the Records and Registration Office at one of the college campuses.

    • Only you, the PSEO student, are eligible to pick up books in the bookstore. No one may pick up your books for you.
    • You need to present your Anoka-Ramsey Student ID and a printed class schedule at time of pick up.
    • PSEO books are available approximately two weeks prior to the start of the semester.
  • Anoka-Ramsey Community College follows the PSEO admission guidelines set forth by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU). High school, charter school and home-schooled students are admitted based the following criteria:

    • High School Juniors: Must be in the upper one-third of class or test score at or above the 70th percentile on any nationally standardized, norm-referenced test such as the ITED, CAT (Timed version), Aspire, PLAN, ACT, PSAT or SAT.
    • High School Seniors: Must be in the upper one-half of class or test score at or above 50th percentile on any nationally standardized, norm-referenced test such as the ITED, CAT (Timed Version), Aspire, PLAN, ACT, PSAT or SAT.
  • PSEO students are not allowed to take the following types of courses:

    • Courses during summer session
    • Developmental courses numbered < 1000
    • Specific program courses requiring special admission; i.e., Nursing, Massage, PTA (*Pharmacy Tech program is eligible for PSEO funding)
    • All field study abroad classes – French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Humanities 2200
    • Field trips requiring an overnight stay
    • Private instruction
    • Credit by exam

    Additionally, the following courses are not eligible for PSEO funding:

    HPER 1123 Outdoor Activities

    HPER 1132 Skiing (Cambridge)

    HPER 1132 Skiing (Coon Rapids)

    HPER 1134 Snowboarding (Cambridge)

    HPER 1134 Snowboarding (Coon Rapids)

    HPER 1144 Camping (Cambridge)

    HPER 1156 Golf

    HUM 2200 Field Study Abroad

    MUSC 1105 Applied Lesson

    MUSC 2105 Applied Lesson

    MUSC 2150 AFA Applied Lesson

    MUSC 2175 AFA Recital Applied Lesson

    NATS 1003 (SD Trip, Summer only)

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