International Student Orientation & Registration

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International Student Orientation & Registration

As a new International Student, you are required to attend the designated International Orientation and Registration (also known as a Registration Planning Session, RPS).  The Orientation and Registration session will last approximately six hours.

The date for the session is supplied in your International Acceptance letter packet.  

  • 1) Be accepted to Anoka-Ramsey as an international student.  This means you have not only received an acceptance letter and I-20 form from the college, but you also have obtained your F-1 Visa to enter the United States. See below for requirements for Canadian students.

    • You must apply for an entry visa stamp in your passport so that you can enter the U.S with a student status.
    • To apply for an entry visa, follow these steps:
      • Pay the SEVIS fee:  Most new students must pay the fee before applying for an entry visa or entering the U.S..  The fee is assessed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and is NOT administered by Anoka-Ramsey.  For details, visit
      • Locate the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate
        • Must be completed in your home country
        • Embassy/Consulate information is available at
      • Schedule an appointment for a visa interview
        • Local embassy or consulate will have specific instructions for scheduling an appointment.  The appointment may have to be scheduled a few weeks to a month in advance, especially during the summer months.  It is recommended to schedule your appointment as soon as possible after receiving your I-20.  Approximate visa wait times at the consular locations can be found at
      • Prepare documents for your Visa Interview. All visa applicants must provide the following documents to the U.S. embassy or consulate at the time of interview:
        • Valid Passport
        • I-20 document
        • Documented proof of financial support for at least one year
        • Proof of SEVIS fee payment (receipt of payment)
        • Visa application forms (available from U.S. Consulate/Embassy)
        • Any other documentation requested by your Consulate/Embassy
      • Practice for your Visa Interview
        • When applying for a non-immigrant visa, the U.S. Consular Officer interviewing you will assume that you plan to immigrate to the United States permanently, unless you prove otherwise.  During the interview, you will need to prove that you will only study temporarily in the U.S. and plan to return home after your studies are completed.  Answer all questions truthfully, but only provide information related to the question asked.
        • Prepare to answer questions, confidently and clearly in English, regarding the following areas:
          • Your area of study
          • Your reason for wanting to study in the U.S.
          • Proof of sufficient fund and how your funds are able to cover all of your expenses for a minimum of one year.
          • Your reason for returning home after your complete your studies.  You must provide sufficient evidence, however possible, of the strong ties you have to your home country.  Examples could include; having all of your family in your country, having a job offer awaiting you when you return, or proof of property ownership.  You should emphasize your future educational, employment, or career goals that will be carried out in your home country.  We recommend practicing your visa interview with friends and family.
    • Canadian citizens are eligible to enter the United States without obtaining an entry Visa.  Canadian citizens must still obtain a 1-20 and pay the SEVIS fee before entering the U.S.
      • Upon entry to the United States, the following must be presented:
        • Passport
        • I-20
        • Proof of Financial support for at least one year
        • Proof of SEVIS fee payment (receipt of payment)

    2) Complete the Anoka-Ramsey Online Orientation prior to arriving in the United States.  Contact our orientation staff for access to the online Orientation/Registration Session by emailing with the following information:

        • Full name
        • Student ID number
        • Declared Major/Program 
        • Phone number

    They will verify that you have been accepted as an International Student and then e-mail you the orientation information within 2 business days.  

    3) Complete the online application for International Student Medical Insurance.  Information on the Mandatory International Student Medical Insurance will be provided in your acceptance packet from Anoka-Ramsey.

    4) Send a confirmation email to your International Academic Advisor to reserve your spot for the required International Orientation and Registration day.

  • Please bring the following with you to your Orientation and Registration session:

    • Acceptance letter or Student ID number information
    • Funds to cover the full first semester of tuition and books.
    • If you have not yet purchased medical insurance, you will need the funds to pay for your medical insurance policy.
  • At Orientation & Registration, you will:

    • meet your International Academic Advisors and fellow international students
    • learn about important college policies, resources, and procedures
    • take the Accuplacer exam - Study information
    • take a campus tour and receive your Anoka-Ramsey student photo ID card
    • work with an advisor to schedule your classes

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