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Program Information

This program is designed for transfer to a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. For assistance in program planning, or to explore additional transfer options, students should schedule a time to meet with an academic advisor. This degree may transfer in part or in its entirety to baccalaureate institutions. Students should meet with a representative of the transfer institution when planning their program.

Developmental Courses

Some students may need preparatory courses in the areas of English, reading, mathematics, or reading. Courses numbered below 1000 will not apply toward this degree.

  • By completing this program, students will achieve the following learning goals:

    1. Demonstrate a required level of creativity and technical proficiency in their medium.
    2. Demonstrate an ability to execute images that reflect their own
      ideas and concepts.
    3. Demonstrate an ability to develop a consistent body of work reflecting a concept/theme.
    4. Demonstrate a required level of critical evaluation of their own artwork.
    5. Understand the historical and cultural development of works of art throughout the ages from pre-history to the 21st Century.
    6. Communicate informed personal reactions to works of art.
  • 34 credits

    ART 1107 Art History I  
    (credits counted in General Education/MnTC requirements below)
    ART 1108 Art History II 3
    ART 1115 Design I: Basic Visual Theory 3
    ART 1117 3D-Design 3
    ART 1141 Drawing I 3
    ART 1142* Drawing II 3
    ART 1161 Sculpture I 3
    ART 1165 Photography I 3
    ART 1241 Painting I 3
    ART 1251 Ceramics: Beginning Wheel-Throwing 3
    ART 2200* Portfolio Seminar 1
    Select two of the following (6 credits):
    (additional studio electives are possible dependent upon General Education/MnTC Requirements)
    ART 1121 Stained Glass I 3
    ART 1122* Stained Glass II 3
    ART 1131 Glass Blowing I 3
    ART 1132* Glass Blowing II 3
    ART 1143 Introduction to Figure Drawing 1
    ART 1144 Watercolor I 3
    ART 1145* Watercolor II 3
    ART 1162* Sculpture II 3
    ART 1164 Pinhole Photography 1
    ART 1166* Photography II 3
    ART 1170 Digital Imaging I: Photoshop 3
    ART 1171* Digital Imaging II: Photoshop 3
    ART 1242* Painting II 3
    ART 1252* Ceramics: Intermediate Wheel-Throwing 3
    ART 1281 Ceramics: Beginning Hand-building 3
    *Course has a prerequisite. Prerequisites are listed on the course's schedule and in the ARCC Catalog in the Course Descriptions pages.
  • 24 credits

    Complete at least 24 credits from the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC), including all courses listed. You must complete at least one course in six of the ten goal areas. One course may satisfy more than one goal area, but the course credits may be counted only once.

    1.  Communication
    (two courses required; one from A and one from B)
      A. ENGL 1120 OR 1121* 4
      B. CMST 1110 OR CMST 2215 OR CMST 2220 3
    2.  Critical Thinking 
    3.  Natural Science
    4.  Mathematical/Logical Reasoning 
    5.  History/Social/Behavioral Sciences
    6.  Humanities/Fine Art
      ART 1107  3
    7.  Human Diversity 
    8.  Global Perspective 
    9.  Ethical/Civic Responsibility
    10.  People and the Environment

    *Course has a prerequisite. Prerequisites are listed on the course's schedule and in the ARCC Catalog in the Course Descriptions pages.

  • Wellness

    Any 2 Wellness/HPER credits required.
    (HPER 1102 recommended if transferring to teaching program)

    • A minimum of 60 semester credits in courses numbered 1000 or above.
    • A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 in courses
      numbered 1000 or above at ARCC.
    • Satisfy residency requirements. See page 27.
    • Completion of specific degree requirements.
    • To receive your diploma, you must apply to graduate.
    • The requirements of this program are subject to change without notice.

    NOTE: You are encouraged to contact an academic advisor at 763-433-1230 for course planning assistance and information about transfer credit evaluation and transfer options.

  • The sequence that follows is suggested for full-time students. Part-time students will need more time to complete this program; many courses are offered in the evening.

    Fall Semester            
       Spring Semester  
     ART 1115  3   ART 1117  3 
     ART 1141  3  ART 1142  3
     ART 1165  3   ART 1251  3 
     TOTAL 15   TOTAL 15 
    Fall Semester       
      Spring Semester  
     ART 1107  3   ART 1108  3 
     ART 1241  3 Elective Studio Course  3
     Elective Studio Course  3   ART 2200  1 
     GENERAL ED/HPER  6   ART 1161  3
        GENERAL ED/HPER  5
      TOTAL  15   TOTAL 15 
  • *Some occupations may require advanced education

    • Advertising Artist/Designer
    • Animator
    • Art Consultant
    • Art Critic
    • Art Historian
    • Art history
    • Artist
    • Art Therapist
    • Calligrapher
    • Fashion Artist/Designer
    • Filmmaker
    • Furniture Designer
    • Graphic Designer
    • Interior Decorator
    • Jewelry Designer
    • Landscape Architect
    • Painter
    • Photographer
    • Set Designer

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