Procedure 5E.1/11 General Facility Use

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Procedure 5E.1/11 General Facility Use

Organizations or individuals may submit a request, in advance, to use the college facilities, grounds and/or equipment.

College employees scheduling a college event or meeting must follow the “Internal Event” request process.

Any employee, individual, or organization seeking facility use for non-college business purposes must follow the “External Event” request process.

Exceptions to be approved by the President or designee.

Request Process

Internal Events. Anoka-Ramsey employees may submit their request using the Virtual Event Management System (EMS) tool on the college website.  Requests are processed by the EMS Administrator. No fees will be imposed or collected for internal groups or events.

External Events. All External Event requests are directed to Professional and Workforce Training (PWT). 

Catering Services Catering services which will be paid for from college budgets are to be arranged by the event organizer.  All catering which will be paid from non-college funds must be coordinated through the campus food service provider.  NOTE:  No food or beverages may be brought in for events from outside providers unless authorized by the Director of Auxiliary Services.

Request Approval

The EMS Administrators hold responsibility to act on all Internal Event requests.  PWT holds responsibility to act on all External Event requests.  Approval of External Events will be contingent on verification of organization held insurance, college staffing, or other relevant factors. The college may co-sponsor events at the discretion of the College President or designee. 

  • Disposition of Internal Event requests will be communicated to the event organizer and other affected college offices by an EMS Administrator. The event organizer is responsible for making any special arrangements directly with the college office involved (i.e., maintenance, technology, security, or catering).
  • Disposition of External Events will be communicated to the event organizer by PWT.  Upon approval of the event, PWT will complete the Facility Use Agreement, obtain the required proof of insurance, and facilitate the necessary arrangements with affected college offices and personnel. A Facility Use Agreement is required for all external events. 

Event Requirements  

  • No event will be scheduled after 6:00 pm on Precinct Caucus Night (even-numbered years).
  • Requests for events with potential to cause damage to the facility, expose the college to excessive liability, exceed space limitations,  consist of training that may appear to be in direct competition with college classes/services, or otherwise be deemed inappropriate will not be approved. 
  • Any sale of products or services at an event is prohibited unless authorized by the College President or designee. 
  • Catering: All food served on campus must be catered by catering services; groups are prohibited from providing their own food or beverages or having an outside vendor cater unless authorized by the Director of Auxiliary Services.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is prohibited on campus unless approved by the College President.  When approved, proof of appropriate city permits and acceptable insurance coverage, obtained at the expense of the event organizer, is required.
  • Smoking:  Event guests are required to adhere to the current smoking policy.
  • Insurance: Proof of acceptable insurance coverage is required for external events.



Facility rental fees may be discounted for nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and school districts when the event occurs within regular college operating hours.

  • Facilities: A set fee for each assigned facilities staff member will be paid by the renter when an event is scheduled outside of regular operating hours or if the event requires additional staff coverage
  • Special Arrangement:  A fee schedule for special arrangements and for facility use during non-operational hours is in effect. All catering and arrangements for food service are handled through the food service provider.  Contract prices apply for catered food arrangements; additional fees for service during non-operational hours also apply.
  • Damage:  The College reserves the right to bill the user for any damage or excessive cleanup, replacement, and/or maintenance costs resulting from an event.


The following rooms and services are offered at the Cambridge and Coon Rapids campus locations. 

Classroom - Small

Classroom - Large

Computer Lab

Food Court - Cambridge or Coon Rapids

Legacy Room - Coon Rapids

Mississippi Room - Coon Rapids

Theater - Cambridge

Performing Arts Center - Coon Rapids

Gym 100 - Coon Rapids

Gym 107, Gym 100 East, or Gym 100 West - Coon Rapids

Outdoor Fields or Volleyball Court

Roving Smart Cart

ITV Connection

Technology Assistance (per person assigned)
Facilities Staff Assistance (per person assigned)

Theater Tech Assistance (per person assigned; required for all Performing Arts Center usage)

Catering Services

Parking Lot

Wi Fi Access

Equipment and/or Supplies Use – On Campus

An organization may have the use of college equipment by including a request for the equipment in the written rental request, provided that the equipment is not in use by the college. A fee will be assessed for use of college equipment when the equipment is not standard for the space rented. Any damage or replacement parts for equipment must be paid for by the user.

Whenever the operation of special equipment is needed, the organization renting will be responsible for paying all costs associated with setting up and/or operating the equipment.  Prior written authorization by the College President or designee is required for equipment to be taken off campus.

Supplies (e.g., photocopies, flip charts, markers, chalk, etc.) are not provided by the college unless outlined in the Facility Use Agreement. Applicable charges for supplies requested will be quoted to renter in advance and included in the rates identified in the Facility Use Agreement.


The following regulations are applicable to the campus grounds:

  1. Motorized conveyances are permitted on the college grounds for college business only and shall be restricted to the parking area and roadways.
  2. Hiking, bicycling, snowshoeing and skiing are permitted during daylight hours.  Recreational and potentially dangerous activities (e.g., skateboarding, inline skating etc.) are not allowed at any time.
  3. Overnight occupancy and the building of campfires on the college grounds are not permitted.
  4. All posted regulations must be observed and are enforced by the local Police Department.
  5. No sale of products or services, unless such sales are part of an approved fundraising event, is allowed on campus without prior approval of PWT.
  6. College employees and guests are required to abide by the current college policies relative to smoking, alcohol, drugs, and firearms.

Responsibility:  The College does not assume responsibility for injury to persons renting college facilities.


12.2011 Updated philosophy on rental including criteria for events held on college property and rate sheet.

9.2018 Removed rate sheet; eliminated involvement of Facilities Use Coordinator and changed to Director of Auxiliary Services; changed nomenclature from "designated room scheduler" to "EMS Administrator"; changed all food arranging to work directly with food service provider

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